Rensselær Polytechnic Institute

Prior to 2001 and the Patriot act, the NSA had its proverbial hands tied behind its back in trying to safeguard the nation’s interests without being allowed to collect information domestically.

The Patriot Act changed all that, and the NSA was regularly being involved in shaping the nation’s information and for the first time was taking an active role working with the other agencies when it regarded AIEs (pronounced I-ease)

An AIE – something that those of us in the NSA refer to as an Anomalous Informational Event – are an event which occurs which defy all known historical and collective recollection as to what caused their presence to begin with.

Normally – the AIEs encountered were relatively simple and could frequently be dismissed as art projects in many cases:

Las Vegas’s ‘Bronze statues’, for instance, relatively expensive statues which were erected in the city literally overnight – which as the governor of the time stated ‘we did not commission, nor do we have any accountability of who did it – but we like them’ – could be dismissed as a wealthy businessman or artisan’s endowment without asking for support.

Other times, they were much harder to dismiss –  Watt’s Tower in Los Angeles for instance – a very complex and tall structure was literally erected overnight with no in the area claiming to have any knowledge of what put it there.In both cases.

The NSA, as an informational agency, was contacted by the FBI, who agreed to retain the structures – and the NSA was tasked with presenting a plausible story – with photographs to the public which detailed the artisan’s work.

The mystery remains – who built these objects and why in both cases.

This has brought both the statues and the tower and other objects such as this – around the world – into question and has resulted in an interesting collaborative relationship with Research Universities around the world – to discover the mysteries these objects provide with their appearance.

So in 2006, the FBI contacted the NSA concerning – as the referring agent put it “One of the damndest things I have ever seen”

The X-Files Project – both a TV-Show and an off-again on-again agency working within the FBI was responsible for investigating these weird phenomena.

So when the NSA took the responsibility – in the name of the preservation of informational history. The FBI was more than happy to wash their hands of the weirdness.

This was about to change.

The FBI agent reported that an entire University had popped up on a hillside outside of Troy, New York.

There was only one problem:

The University quite literally appeared, OVERNIGHT.

Like any government agency, the NSA has a certain protocol which standardizes the response we took to AIEs when we received one. All AIEs are logged. 99 percent of them are level one and two, generally speaking there was some possibility that industrious individual(s) could have been responsible for the occurrence.

But a level four – one step from the highest level – Protocol required that the White House be contacted. This, subsequently, also came to include the CIA and Homeland Security – who were ordered to follow the investigation.

On investigation, the NSA was baffled by what it came to learn.

This University – The Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute – had literally appeared overnight.

Dormitory rooms all appeared lived in, with refrigerators still stocked full of things you’d expect a college student to have.

Technologically based classrooms still stocked with all matters of computer equipment, chemicals, and whatnot.

But the most startling find was this: Graduate level books – not previously seen – in subjects ranging from Genetic Engineering to Nanotechnology were presented which were technologically well ahead of anything the United States had in these areas.

For the next two years, the facility was ‘wired’ to the grid, and studied from every perspective imaginable. Eventually, a man by the name of Perry (last name withheld)– a Computer Scientist Doctorate working out of Arizona State University’s joint research venture laboratory with Intel – came to conclude:

The University had willed itself here.

Perry’s research in neural networks and collective intelligence had led to some startling discoveries and leaps forward in the area of artificial intelligence.

He’d had a research project he was working on at the time based on studying collective intelligences in nature – birds, bees, and ants to name a few – and while he was busy developing a heuristic system for defending networks leveraging his research,  he began realizing that the entire world had evidence of varying levels of collective as well as individual intelligences – up to and including entire universities.

He presented his conclusions, and explained how he felt it wasn’t entirely serendipitous that the man doing research on a subject who could provide a definitive answer just happened to be studying the phenomena that he was just presented proof of at the same time.

Almost as if it was planned.

In any case.

The NSA, deals with ALL AIEs in a similar fashion.

The Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute came with a great deal of it’s own documentation inside it’s halls.

So the NSA created and promoted the institute’s backstory. It integrated the AIEs into this universe’s timeline – aligning history as much as possible with the material found within the institute.

So now.

If you refer to this pioneer in genetic engineering and nanotechnology – the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

You’ll come to discover it was created in 1824.

It is a very private and exclusive university at the same level as MIT and other reputable institutions, with graduates who have gone on to create companies such as nVidia, Fairchild, and the likes.

A linear history where people tend to forget how it arrived in the first place…

or do they…. 😉

Is there more to this story?

Oh most certainly.

In another life I’ll get into that story.


Documentation of Transference: