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The Real Master Race?

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There was talking snakes in the bible.

My former Boston Terrier – Fiona was her name – an adorable but weird animal I owned prior up until 2011.

Had a protruded forehead.

At times I swear she had Down’s syndrome. But things she’d do would make me question – is Down’s simply a different form of intelligence that’s beyond my comprehension?

When I received Fiona from my ex-wife – Amy – Amy hated the dog because she ate her shit – among other reasons.

Amy insisted she had a black cloud floating over her head. So I frequently questioned Amy as it was.

Maybe I was simply incapable of directing those questions where I should have.

Fiona insisted on being inside her cage, and would conjure up a shit storm – making a huge mess – when she wasn’t in her cage.


It was gross.

Now I have ‘memories’ that don’t feel real – of Amy drop kicking Fiona as we were going through our divorce.

Memories I have always questioned.

Amy and I were on the fritz anyways, she really wasn’t ‘the right woman’ for me – but those memories… i always questioned.

I just didn’t think Amy had ‘that’ in her despite knowing her anyways.

The images and memories I have simply didn’t jive with her character.

When I went overseas – to Europe and Asia – I left Fiona with Kena (aka Sukruti) Patel.

Kena went from not really liking dogs to enjoying them while I was gone.

So when I left Phoenix to go to Charlotte – Fiona acted – distinctly – afraid of something that she saw in the floor.

To say she contributed to my own mental instability at the time is an understatement.

Between her and I – I don’t know who was more skittish at that time about what I was seeing. It was downright weird.

Now. I am starting to question: Was Fiona responsible for what I saw and experienced?

I am suspecting that Fiona – the Boston Terrier dog – is capable of manipulating the minds of humans.

Of inserting thoughts into their minds.

And of even doing things through them.

I have long suspected dogs are more intelligent than they let on.

In 2011, when I was ‘wigging out’ mentally – seeing things that just made absolutely no sense about the world.

I ended up leaving Fiona with Spencer and Gina and their two dogs.

“Fiona’s happy here”

Of course she is, Spencer.

She’s got someone new to screw with their mind.

Wonder how you conveniently ‘found’ God shortly after I left Spencer? You might thank Fiona for that manipulation. I suspect that’s what she does. It’s what makes you – mentally – her bitch. Not quite the other way around.

Kena – my ex girlfriend – is now with a man who has a deviant right eye – much like Fiona had.

Is Fiona capable of shifting conscious form or – shapeshifting into human form?

I mean – let’s face it – dogs – get free food, free housing, free treats, many eat like humans – and they are able to relax all day long.

Their ‘masters’ – most of them – take them out to meet other dogs daily – and they get treated like kings and queens. Cats do they same thing. Just nowhere near to the levels of success dogs have.

Not to say this is a bad arrangement. It really isn’t in my opinion.

Most of the times.
But Oddly enough.
Hitler was trying to create ‘the Master race’.
Einstein – was depicted as being a dog in the movie Back to the Future – and just so happened to be involved with the first human – Dr Emmett Brown – who ‘invented’ time travel .
Yes. This is depicted as fiction.
But are humans ‘the master race’ that Hitler intended on creating?
Did he shoot himself because he could consciously shift as Fiona might be able to – to make it appear to the naive humans that he had died?
Now that I do not have animals – and with what I know about collective minds and mind transference – mind molding – and individuality after this experience – is it too hard to believe that a dog can be far more intelligence and capable than us – programmed to think we’re superior – humans – are capable of understanding?
I mean. There was a talking dog depicted in Men In Black.
There was talking snakes in the bible.
If one’s fiction.
The other one is quite likely to be too.
But if one’s fact.
The implications are simple.
The other one could be as well.
And if you’re at all Christian in religion.
I’d say you’re a hypocrite if you dismiss what I am saying as a possibility.
The weird thing is. Reaching back in my memory.
I simply don’t remember there being that many breeds of dogs growing up.
I sure the heck don’t remember Boston Terrier prior to my ex wife’s introduction.
Fiona, if you taught me one thing, you probably taught me the nonlinearity of space and time and some very interesting potential paths of Darwinian speciation and evolution..
Thank you, Fiona, even though you’re a pain in the ass.
Maybe moreso than Amy.
Or were you one and the same?
Kudos to you for that!

I’d like to know more and talk with you in person if you’re capable of greeting and talking with me eye to eye. I’d like to take what you know and what I learned from you and make this world something..

More interesting for both of us.

I suspect you’re bored. Let’s fix that!

I am too. And my ‘tools’ are limited.

No this isn’t some grand conspiracy. If I had a house. I’d still have a couple dogs. I know better than to refer to this as ownership any longer. As I do genuinely enjoy their presence.

But next time. I might just be trying to teach them how to talk in English.

And I wouldn’t be surprised if I heard.

“Ok Fine. What the hell do you want to do now, Brian?”

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