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Leisure Suit Darth – Development Journal Entry #1

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I’m happy to announce the ongoing development of my first video game ever of my programming career.

Under my studio named the “Q Continuum” (created for satirical and parody work):

Q Continuum Logo

The video game is a first of its kind – completely voice controlled and voice activated video game – with no support for any other input peripheral devices (such as keyboard/mouse/gamepads).

The video game is a parody – based on the video game “Leisure Suit Larry” meets the character Darth Vader from the Star Wars movies – in a satirical 8-bit throwback title I have named:

“Leisure Suit Darth in the Land of the Dunce Raids”

And in honor of the original.

The title has almost nothing to do with the game itself.

The storyline so far:

Darth Vader has a bit of an image problem and he knows it.

Furthermore, he’s having a difficult time with the ladies now that he’s allowing this thing called ‘free will’. 

He’s actually recognizing that he’s a bit of an asshole….

So in an effort to ‘care more’ as a leader – he’s doing some personality work on himself – trying to understand sex and human relationships – without having to order people around as slaves.

The game “Leisure Suit Darth” is based on the misadventures of Darth trying to go through all the hoops of what it means to have a ‘real’ sexual relationship in an old school 8 bit throwback world.

Current Development Progress

For the graphics, I am primarily using Paintshop Pro X3, my favorite version of this graphical design / photo editing software. It’s fast. It’s lightweight, and it does the job well.


For the Development, I am using XNA 4.0 and C# – with my favorite development suite – Microsoft Visual Studio 2010  Ultimate.


Why’s it my favorite? Simple: LINQ Might come in handy (newer versions dont support LINQ), it’s the first version that leveraged collection and dictionary classes, which come in handy for the dynamic elements I am already encountering with the game, and the object oriented support is unparalleled.

That and while yes – it can be a bit bloated at times – I enjoy the features it has with it so the bloat is worth it, but not worth later versions which ‘lose’ important features such as dropping DirectX support and losing LINQ.

With this said. What I have decided for the game itself is to model the screens based on an ‘alternate reality’ version of the original game – Leisure Suit Larry.

This is an ‘alternate reality’ satire/parody of original material presented in Star Wars similar to the style of Spaceballs -and of original material presented by Sierra, as original material – combined from the two – protected under US Trademark laws based on ‘likelihood to confuse’

While the characters may ‘be similar’, there’s absolutely no chance someone’s going to confuse my novice 8 bit artwork version of Darth Vader wearing a Leisure suit as depicted here::


With the original version here:


And while yes, I may ‘share’ some look and feel from the original screen of Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards (depicted here):


With my opening screen – which is intended not just to be a parody/satire – but a parody and satire occurring in an alternate reality, here, with my opening screen, here:


With this, I am leveraging the original artwork – and primary goal – to get Darth laid – with substantial change. Making it clear if you have played the original Leisure Suit Larry, that you’re in a VERY different world with VERY different characters.

Keep in mind. My game is intended to be an alternate reality to the world Leisure Suit Larry was modeled in, so there will be some references to the original which absolutely served as my inspiration.

I’d be lying if other artists didn’t influence me with their stories and ideas. So I have every intention of explaining and honoring who inspired me and how with this video game.

For instance, with the opening scene in Leisure Suit Larry – you’re at the front of a bar called Lefty’s – where you eventually have to find a way to the upper floor to have sex with the prostitute.


In Darth’s alternate reality, you have some distinctive similarities, but altogether it’s a very very different look and feel to the world, as you start your journey as Darth a distinctly different feeling world in front of Righty’s Bar.


Different characters. Different Storyline. Similar setting, and homage paid to the original influences directly, in the game to let the game player know who and what inspired this….

Piece of whatever you want to refer to it as.

Coming to you when I get it done. Hopefully at the same time Star Wars Episode 7 gets released.

Want to support the homeless man developing this?

There’s only so much a homeless corporate gun for hire turned game programmer can do while living out of a tent in North Hollywood, while working with a slower netbook computer that’s on the fritz out of a Starbuck’s at Studio City, ya know?

So IF you are in the neighborhood – I work daily out of Starbuck’s off of Ventura and Vineland – so if you want to support my efforts, feel free to drop a couple bucks off – I’ll use it for food and to get my laptop PC working – which I broke the monitor on it while closing it accidentally on my headset one night. If I get enough support I’ll get out of this darn tent.

In any case – the laptop computer has far more horsepower and will make the work quicker. It has 4gig of RAM and a faster video card – which – with this old school game – I wont be using the video card but in future endeavors I have no doubt I will.

I don’t have a bank account and cant get one. So that means there is no way to really send me money, so if you can’t drop by, which I would like to shake your hand anyways if you would like to support me, there’s no real way of reaching me that I can provide you since I am homeless! But if you can and want to support my efforts.It would be a dream to accumulate enough ‘support’ for my endeavors to have a place to rest my head other than the park! If you come down, I’ll even show you progress of the game – firsthand.

Kickstarter’s a no-go: It and other web sites like it require a bank account.

On a final note: Family and ‘old’ friends are VERY unwelcome here.

So please don’t come looking for me AND DON’T SEND SOMEONE to COME LOOKING FOR ME.

I’m publishing this BLOG Entry openly asking for support from others who may have it because I know you do not – so if you happened to read this – please leave me be. I’m fine where I am at.

Doesn’t mean I like it.

Now if you happen to be a wealthy 30 year old Billionaire heiress named Paris (Hilton) I wouldn’t be kicking you out of bed for eating crackers. Heck I might have ideas for your family’s next hotel – in space. Check my link for Paris is a marketing genius  for a hint on how to spin the PR if you’d like to meet.

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