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Glitchy Reality And Remembering April Fool’s Day

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I was on one of my favorite sites today, Abovetopsecret.com, when I came across an interesting post today:

“Alright guys…

So there’s this new movie out that was just made this year. I saw previews for it and whatnot and thought it looked cool, so I wrote a note to myself to watch it. Jupiter Rising. And then I see someone in a recent thread reference this same movie, Jupiter Rising.

The problem is… There’s no movie called Jupiter Rising. It’s now called “Jupiter Ascending”.

Am I losing my mind here? Does anyone else specifically remember it being called “Jupiter Rising” rather than “Jupiter Ascending”?

I don’t even know what to think. I wouldn’t think anything of it if it weren’t for the fact that I specifically made a note to myself to watch it, and then saw someone else reference it by the same name.”

Here’s the original post.

Now I had actually been looking forward to this movie coming out on the torrent stream, and had made a list in a text file of movies I wanted ‘to watch out for’ – and Jupiter Rising was one of them.

Conveniently enough, I vaguely remember ‘deleting’ the file last week – why I don’t know remember – as there were several movies on that list I was watching for. This despite having 15 other text files on my system that contain sometimes senseless garbage.

But I distinctly remember the movie name – as Jupiter Rising.

So seeing this today. Was interesting. Someone else had seen the name  change it too!

As Spock would say: “fascinating”
In any case, I responded with:

You're not losing your mind. It was Jupiter Rising. 
That's pretty cool you spotted the change. I wouldn't have looked 
at it it until you pointed it out - but it most certainly was Jupiter 
Rising, I remember it that way too. 
I think of this thing called reality like a Hollywood movie - what
we see is the end result of a splicing together of scenes in a 
'post processing' effect in which the 'trained observer' will 
pick up on what's been altered in the post processing. 
Most people I suspect simply won't pick up on these things - and 
will fight you tooth and nail because they can't believe what you're 
saying is possible. 
Don't question your mind. It's perfectly intact. I see things like 
this all the time. 
It's nice to meet someone else who does too. 
Check out my blog at universalbri.wordpress.com, I talk about 
pretty much anything I darn well feel like and don't mind coming 
across crazy as i do it - so if you'd like to chat - my contact 
info is there. 
Keep up the good 'attention to detail'!

On that note - What happened to Berenstein Bears?

Someone responded with it’s “Berenstain Bears. You’re all spelling it wrong”.

I responded with: “No I am not. I think what we are seeing is a convergence of realities here. For me, where I come from, it was Berenstein!”

Watching the thread is kind of interesting. There’s other things people are picking up for ‘changes’ out there too.

Oddly enough. All confined to the internet.

For now 😉


In 2008, I ordered 3 of the Thinkgeek “Annoy-o-trons” pictured here:


I have always been a prankster. April Fool’s Day has always been my favorite holiday. If I was a shapeshifting mutant Halloween would quickly become tied for first for being my favorite holiday.

In any case. I took these Annoyotrons and arrived early to work one day, and placed one of these devices behind my manager – Larry Duke’s picture of his wife.

What does the device do?

Oh it’s amazing fun I tell you.

The one I bought would emit a very loud high frequency chirp like a cricket or a high frequency buzz randomly every one to eight minutes.

Now I am known as a practical joker. So Duke – after searching high and low all over his desk for the offensive beeper that I had tucked away in his wife’s picture – he gave up.

“Gregory. What did you do? That’s annoying as fuck!”

I was unable to stop from smiling which gave me away.

Not long after. An annoying fuck and egotistical man by the name of Thor Bucy – who thought he was god’s gift to something I have yet to figure out – seemed like the perfect target.

With the magnet, I tucked one of the annoytrons under his fluorescent light bulb, out of view if you were to inspect it unless you physically took out the bulb. I also popped open the end cap of one of his cube divider walls and tucked one in there, and finally I placed one under his desk open a ceiling tile directly above him and and placed one up on the metallic ring hole behind his computer that fed the cables to his machine..

And I turned them all on.

Fortunately, no one was around in his area that day, so every 1 to 8 minutes, a random high pitched beep or chirp would go off.

if I wasn’t laughing so much by the time he got in. I would have been annoyed myself.

About 30 minutes later. Thor rolls in.

Turns on his computer.


No reaction. It was only the first one.


He turned on his light.


About an hour goes by and they are all beeping – and he has no clue what direction they are coming from.  He tries to inspect his computer and the beep goes off in the wall. He tries inspecting the wall and the beep goes off under the light.

It was magnificient.

Finally I walk over to Duke’s Cube. I am in tears. I tell him what I did, and we both look over Duke’s cube wall to see Thor trying to figure out where the noise is coming from.

“You’re going to give the poor kid a heart attack”

He’s laughing though.

I make my way back over to my desk, which is directly across from him.

All the sudden I hear an “ARGGGH”

I look over, and the cords to his and all his electronic and electric equipment is draped over his computer. He’s detached everything.

And is leaned back in his chair with his feet on the desk, with his hands behind his head propping his head up.


A noise goes off under his light.

He quickly lunges at the light, trying to figure out where the sound is coming from. He is going nuts.


I laugh out loud.

He looks at me, still not realizing it’s a practical joke. I mean, it is April Fool’s day after all.

“I have EVERYTHING unplugged. Do you hear that? That noise? Where in the hell is it coming from?

He starts to crack open the case of his computer, and red faced from laughing so much, I say “Thor, let me help you”

He’d had enough.

I reached under the fluorescent light, and pulled out the annoyotron. I handed it to him.

“Consider it my present for putting up with me.”

It beeped as I handed it to him.

I don’t know if he was wanting to hit me or thank me for stopping the noise in that instant. I suppose I will never know.

“You bastard!,” he said.

I popped open the cap to the cube wall, and pulled out and pocketed another anoyotron, and then reached under the desk and grabbed the last one.

“Three of them?,” he said.

“Only one for you though. April Fools!,” I smiled as I walked away.

Thank you, Thinkgeek – for that memory!


Thinkgeek has a new annoyotron that’s smaller than the one I had.

And it has a doorbell noise now, a real sounding cricket, and a noise that only teenagers can hear.

Now I am homeless and have been for going on three years now – and my second computer – my netbook – is starting to break down, so chances are I wont in this lifetime have enough money to pay for a new one, let alone a new computer. So when this one breaks down, you wont be seeing me on the internet any longer.

So I’d never be able to experiment in any workplace – or heck – a friend’s home – with something that can present the fun that would present. You have to have a job and oh.. friends for that, right?

So no more jokes like that I figure.

But it could be fun for someone else.

In any case. Cei la vie. Right? Good times. Good times.

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