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Christie’s Cabaret of Phoenix

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Christie’s Cabaret is a multimillion dollar topless club in Phoenix, Arizona.

In July 4th, 2015, Christie’s Cabaret will celebrate independence day, by converting the entirety of its club to an all nude venue.

It will become the first multi-million dollar all nude club in Phoenix which serves alcohol as it brings its business model up to date.

For more on that story, see this link on AZCentral, Arizona’s largest newspaper – here.

In a first of it’s kind concessionary ruling – The Phoenix City Council and Christie’s – in an attempt to legitimize their business models and work to separate illicit drugs from sex and sex based entertainment, the city council has agreed to concessions made for the adult club with a long standing respectable reputation in the community.

Entertainers in the adult industry have long been stigmatized of being synonymous with the use of illicit drugs.

Police have long complained – that city rules concerning adult clubs are vague – and unrealistic – to the point of ridiculousness – as it makes it even more difficult to ‘clean up’ clubs than it should be as investigations into why a dancer leaves the premises can lead to invasion of simple privacy laws.

As the Phoenix Police explained: “It’s difficult to ascertain whether the entertainers are providing fully nude private dances for patrons – legally – at home or in hotel rooms – without the restrictions imposed by strict city rules and law for nudity and alcohol in public places which simply do not apply in private places. It is still illegal to exchange sex for money, but without some leniency in the laws concerning nudity, we’re never going to be able to clean up the problems associated with the use of illicit drugs in this – or any club. “

Christie’s – meanwhile – has agreed – in exchange for the relaxation of anti-nudity laws – to directly ‘hire’ all entertainers – and work hand in hand with them to define an amenable plan which will incentivize  their work – on premises – and will remove their ‘private contractor’ status – which traditionally has made it impossible for everyone in and around the business to work with any real legitimacy.

All ladies will be employed as ‘Performers,” and a first of it’s kind – in the nation – hierarchy of performers will be created to incentivize and support the new business model.

One performer, Hailey commented: “I have been a student for four years, and am graduating with a degree in Business Management next month. I was going to quit and get a real job after this, but they (Christie’s) asked me to help design the new business model. This has me considering to go for an MBA now that I know my newly learned skills will be put to use and I will have a predictable income for the foreseeable future. ”

When asked where they were at in the process, she said: “We’re developing rules for expectations of the lady’s grooming, and agreed that all women are required to have ‘landing strips’ to emphasize their below-the-waist nudity. We actually want to call attention to it”

.. With the ‘it’ being obvious, to say that the documented business model and rules for a strip club turning into a nude club can be remarkably different than a traditional business’s rules is clearly a dramatic understatement….

On July 4th, 2015, the entire Phoenix City Council has been invited to the VIP grand reopening event – free of charge – an event which will cost attendants $150 USD a person and will include two alcoholic drinks.

The event will be advertised in the Phoenix New Times as the date aproaches.

If a the relationship proves to be beneficial to the local community, and the business model sees success – Christie’s has already been consulting with legal advocates for permits and negotiations with architects for a multimillion dollar themed expansion underground.

Christie’s has already hinted that – if successful – it would like to work with the community to relax prostitution laws – but for now – it sees this as a wonderful step in the right direction – and for now Christie’s is making their future plans known to help ease the community into the prospect should that time come.

For now, and for the foreseeable future, it may clearly have it’s hands full….

Talk about a job I wouldn’t say no to….

In any case. Here’s the interior of that amazing and classy club:


Another view:


A view of the main stage:

christie's cabaret phoenix

In any case, here’s my ‘stake’ in this one.


Christie’s Transfer of Ownership Documents:


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