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World Bank – Retasked – NOW named CHOAM

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In 1944, World Bank was formed to help align companies, countries, and individuals around the world to reduce poverty.

Since 1989, the organization has repeatedly received criticism from the world – for trying to act more like a profitable bank – and began to resemble a for profit entity less than the organization that was originally incepted in 1944.

Truth be told. The organization’s chief goal: Of shining a light on the world’s financial issues – through poverty reduction – and the landscape they worked in had changed so dramatically with globalization, that the organization’s consultancy and advice – based on a one size fits all equation – had begun to see deteriorating returns on its value with countries opting to take pride in their own culture and heritage.

The World Bank’s role has always been to act as a catalyst for businesses – worldwide – and to work with the IMF (International Monetary Fund) to target sources of potential financial support.

In 1999, protests in Seattle made the problems the World Bank was experiencing infinitely clear: The primary goal to reduce poverty of the individual was not being met, while the World Bank served to reduce poverty of the corporation at the detriment of the individual.

The World Bank didn’t listen to the protestors. And repeatedly attempted to avoid addressing, let alone fix the problems with their image, perception, and goals.

Accordingly, the United States will immediately quit providing any support – financial, political, or otherwise – for the organizations known as the IMF and the World Bank, effective immediately, and will consult with the ACLU (America Civil Liberty’s Union) to internationalize their program for individual liberties.

CHOAM – the Consortium for the HOnest Advancement of Merchants – has been created to fill the void left by the World Bank.

CHOAM is a unique organization – and is a first of its kind corporation, and will consist of two parts:

1) A newly elected and specially educated leader, every cycle.
2) An education of both the organization and it’s elected leader to understand the alignment and balance necessary to serve both the individual and the corporation to encourage healthy financial growth.

3) To set an example to corporations and the government responsible for the entity’s manifestation to overtly respect current market conditions and norms, even if those may appear.. objectionable.

I have been elected leader of CHOAM for this cycle.



CHAOMIRSEIN CHOAM – EIN Individual Request – Online Application

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