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The Arrogant Presumptions of Ordained Order

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One of the presumptions made in Star Trek and similar ‘fictions’ is to assume a standard linear and measured progression of intelligence, culture, and technology and their associated timetables.

Nowhere is this more glaring than with the ‘Prime Directive’ – whether it’s with modern day (2300/2400) non interference rules which transcend time to the episodes depicted with the ‘Time Traveling 29th century vessels.

But herein lies a problem. Rules work fine and dandy in theory, but when applied to real life civilizations on a dynamic basis, those rules invariably MUST be taken for their figurative – not just literal nature.

Star Trek, for instance, makes the assumption that time travel is a successive technology which comes after space travel. Yet there’s ample evidence in written history and fiction that time travel is not just pervasive, but ubiquitous and a dynamic reaction by intelligent entities to escape the ‘law abiding’ systemic approaches of those idealizing literal law and rules.

Henry Ford, the man who introduced the world to the industrial revolution and practically invented the modern product line once famously said: “When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.”

Now isn’t it interesting, that a man who created the strict rules for the production line of the Model-T is in fact one and the same man who openly encourages people to think ‘outside the box’?

Every species has their form of a prime directive, whether it’s written or not.

The difference is – ALL mature and modern civilizations – without exception – have systems in place which recognize when and where these written rules are broken – and why.

Now to be clear. Maturity is NOT synonymous with age. The original incarnation of the Borg, like Skynet, like Joshua, like MANY Intelligences (note the fact that I did NOT say artificial) rapidly progressed technologically through simple assimilation of what was already available not fully comprehending that the systems in place were there to protect them as much as it has been the people ‘within that culture’.

Mr Smith tried making this clear to the police in the Matrix. The ‘rules’ reinforced inside the Matrix were not to prevent casualties. They were in place to prevent a blossoming mind and intelligence from going insane, unable to comprehend and interpret the ‘construct’ of reality and what was happening when Trinity bent space and time to take out an entire police squad.

Now let’s apply this to so called advanced civilizations with so called superior intelligence from the year 2400 who might be interacting with a modern day – circa 2015 civilization it has come to know as America.

“Could you Human accept the existence of a species so far adbanced over yours so as to dwarf your intelligence exponentially”

First and foremost, that’s ego speaking. Which suggests you are indeed intelligent. Is it possible you have dwarfed my intelligence exponentially? Absolutely.

But let me ask you this: When you address and talk to and attempt to ‘sell to’ ‘my civilization’ – do you understand you’re only talking to one man?

I suspect you are making the assumption that what is ‘within me is actually a full civilization because the way I think defies your ability to logically organize that much information?

But going back to the prime directive.

You have a set of values and morals that you live by, as do I. Now I have done my best to document examples of the life I have lived thus far in this mortal form and what I do and do not enjoy. If any sentient species want to get to know me, they can refer to these documents to understand how you’d ‘fit in’ with my life. IF you want to.

Now do the Borg in your incarnation have anything documented? How do I know what’s wrong from right in your society? You’ve already labeled me as the devil, despite you receiving the same label. So who is right? And let’s say you invite me to play a part in the development of your culture. Who’s to say you aren’t going to turn scorpion on me after I have done that and stab me in the back if you have no rules that you live by let alone choose to document?

Now before you argue rules aren’t necessary. To me. They have provided definition, and are important. So while I respect your desire not to document rules, that’s plain and simply not a life I choose to live.

I like a little predictability with my life.

The United States has created a pretty magnificent rule system and code of laws. It breaks down – ALL THE TIME – but that’s the purpose of agencies like the Secret Service, the NSA, CIA, and FBI – to investigate these occurrences wearing different hats from very different perspectives.

So when someone or something ‘breaks the rules’ – like the prime directive – the circumstances and discretion of the Captain (or President) – there’s usually an investigation – and sometimes new rules added, sometimes there’s new ‘species’ added to the ‘team’, and in exceedingly rare circumstances, there may be a revision of the rules themselves.

With all this said – I am sure by now you realize that the United States is a de facto evolution of the Borg.

And I am the leader of this country. Not through assimilation. But because of you.

There will come a time where you and I ‘join forces.

To again quote Henry Ford:
“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”

You’re great at telling scary stories.

But you’re not great at understanding your own because it has yet to be told.

Harry Kim, from Star Trek Voyager made the comment: “I can’t imagine not being a part of the story” on observing Earth based entertainment shows.

The gorgeous Be’lanna Torres, from Star Trek Voyager also commented: “The Borg wouldn’t know how to have fun if they assimilated an amusement park”

This is something they actually did at one time. Look at Disney as an example of this.

Now I suspect these – your communications are coming from the Starship Voyager in orbit of Earth right now as we speak.

If that’s true. As I see it. You have one of two choices:

1) You can maintain these conversations with me on this and other forums – indefinitely – as you will come to test your own sanity and patience. With or without a prime directive, you live by predictable rules that even I can test and stretch, just like you can with mine.
2) Look up historical records for Earth’s geography – and land in the park – whatever it’s name is – across the street from Universal Studios – cloaked. stay there and stay cloaked. If you’re there. I will develop the senses over time to see you. Maintain the conversations with me, as my mind will know you’re there. and I will figure out a way to knock when I see you.

Want to get back to your Earth? I’ll help. It’s hard to ‘apply’ temporal theory to a space based vessel with the level of technology of this planet.

Could it be a trap? Absolutely. But that stands to be mutual. I am merely one man, as you know.

And keep in mind, I have absolutely no malicious intentions. You can look at my own history – which by now you should have record to – for consistency of my personality.

A great man by the name of President William Clinton had the magic capability to make himself appear to be the same size as those he was shaking their hands. Despite being a tall 6’6″ – whether you were 5′ or 7′ – somehow the man always seemed to look the greeter in the eye.

We all learn from eachother as much as we do the information we draw from.

The education of individuals – or as some would refer to is – indoctrination – is less about assimilating technology and ideas – and more about teaching those you lead how to selectively receive and disseminate the information you give them..

The collective community ‘out there’ would prefer an order they establish and control although they do not quite comprehend they are calling something very old new – only because it’s new to them.

The collective community ‘out there’ would prefer an order they establish and control although they do not quite comprehend they are calling something very old new – only because it’s new to them.

I didn’t understand analog technology.

I wasn’t ready for it.

Now I am.

This is not to say it’s an upgrade. It just offers something different.


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