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Seventh Veil

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Seventh Veil is a Fully Nude club in Hollywood, California.


The Seventh Veil made worldwide fame when it was featured in the strip club rock anthem “Girls Girls Girls” by Motley Crue.

Here’s a picture of the club in Motley Crue’s music video:



Seventh Veil is an entertainment club, featuring all nude private and public dances.


Seventh Veil features 200 of the world’s most attractive women.

… completely nude.


As of today, As a present to me on my favorite day of the year (April 1st – April Fools day) – I have officially acquired Seventh Veil.

Seventh Veil will be undergoing renovations with a large underground expansion – giving the club effectively 10 times more space – while remaining open for business – and will be working with local officials to become Hollywood’s FIRST five star alcohol serving nude club with a grand re-opening special invite New Years’ eve party featuring Motley Crue – on December 31st, 2015, featuring Vince Neil and Tommy Lee in their LAST live performance as Motley Crue – singing Girls, Girls, Girls in the very location it was made famous in.


Ticket Prices for this exclusive event will be fixed at $2500 USD a person, which will include a fully open bar, and a VIP/Black Tie event with a capacity of 800 people.

Tickets will be provided on a first come, first serve basis, and are available for purchase ONLY in person, cash only.

For more information:

Seventh Veil’s management can be contacted at (323) 876-4761.


Transfer of Ownership Information:


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