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A letter to Mr Mike Morhaime, CEO of Blizzard Entertainment

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Mr Morhaime –

I would like to propose integrating Worlds of Warcraft (WOW)’s virtual currency with the US and world’s Foreign Exchange.

But before I get into detail, please bear with me:

As an original WOW player, I have spent nearly a full year immersed in your virtual world.

And while I haven’t played WOW in years – an addiction which was worse than a good drug I might add – one thing I couldn’t help but think over and over again as I played – how could Blizzard’s game get ‘better’ – and provide a legal way for participants to be rewarded for their in game efforts without impacting the development community negatively?

China’s been capitalizing on WOW’s success for years. Which as MMORPGs, Virtual communities, and online gaming becomes more and more successful and popular with the advent of VR technologies – this will very quickly challenge the economic balance of the entire world unless something is done about it.

How is that possible? I could explain, in person – based on simple physics how real life economies of scale balance eachother – but the simple premise is – imagine a silver bullet aimed at the heart of a vampire – a target which is otherwise invulnerable.

That’s the very real threat Virtual Communities and Virtual economies currently pose without some form of ‘balance’ with the world interacting with them.

Worlds of Warcraft and Blizzard are in a unique position to not only mitigate this risk, but to demonstrate that those within your communities are actually equivalent to citizens of countries themselves.

With the maturity of the in-game community, the diversity of professions and possibilities for how to ‘spend your time’, the service industry, and the general maturity of the economy in general, the ONLY thing that’s missing is a ‘vent’ – a monitored means and method – supported by Blizzard – to allow for the free flow of currency into and out of the game world.

Currently, there’s an illicit exchange occurring which I am sure you’re aware of. Where Americans and Westerners in general – who have little time but extra expendable income – will pay Chinese game players who have excess time and little expendable income. Ebay capitalizes on this market, as do some custom made web sites which – clearly – are not condoned or supported by Blizzard.

Here’s my proposal: I would like to work with your company – Blizzard – And Activision – and it’s economy – to place your in game currency on the world’s Foreign Exchange market.

What does this entail? I sincerely do not know. This is all new territory for me, but with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, a Global Masters IN Business Administration from the #1 School for International Education in the world – Thunderbird – and 30 years of corporate IT consulting, programming, and architecture, and with nearly a full year spent in total playing your game – I think you’d be tough pressed to find a more well qualified candidate than myself.

I’m currently homeless – living in a tent – you could say I got bored of the traditional corporate drama – and walked away from the needless drama about 3 years ago and started trying to ‘find myself’ (whatever that means). I write Science Fiction and fantasy – i play and am writing my own video games – and would love to get into making Video Games and/or movies one of these days.

To me – understanding the exchanges is a fascination.

If you took me up on this offer. Clearly it’s a step in the right direction of understanding the Video Game market – literally and figuratively.

On that note – I spent 6 months at Wells Fargo working as an Enterprise Architect addressing issues with their Foreign Exchange – in particular Euro/Dollar exchanges – in Charlotte, North Carolina. To say I recognize the technical and logistical issues that a major corporation can encounter is an understatement.

Being completely open, Despite fixing the major problems in Wells Fargo’s Foreign Exchange systems, I was fired from that role after 6 months on the job for taking a long weekend with no notice. Reporting to 8 bosses will do that to a man. My direct manager – A Vice President by the name of Abhinav Rau who’s contactable directly if you look up Wells Fargo on your own in the Wells Fargo Charlotte Corporate Offices – if he’s still there – I have no doubt will provide positive references for my work there – in 2011 – despite the corporate policy of ‘one strike you’re out’.

I am not perfect. But I don’t mind hard work when it’s worthwhile, and this project would definitely be that to me.

I have attached my resume, and can be contacted via email, or via a voicemail at the number listed on my resume.

I have taken the “First Steps” of legalizing WOW’s currency as a valid Currency – by registering Worlds OF Warcraft as a legal EIN with the US Government.

I envision this organization – in theory – would act similar to how any country’s legal foreign exchange would– taking a ‘scrape’ of all transactions coming and going which occur between WOW currencies and other denominations you exchanged with. From there – I have questions such as – is it a zero sum game for exchange? If not, does it have any real reportable income to the US for revenue? If not, am I going to have to re-register it as a non-profit entity? With virtual entities – does the legal system treat the entities the same way?

Clearly, there’s a lot of questions and research and discussions I would have to understand to figure this all out.

What is in it for Blizzard? Easier flow of capital = more players who might actually choose WOW as a real life profession = more revenue for Blizzard. More revenue for Blizzard and Activision = more development = larger worlds for Blizzard. More revenue for Blizzard = Happier Shareholders and Stakeholders. More Developers = more content for players = more choices.

Nuff said?

What’s in it for me? I’m homeless. It’s a cool ‘job’. Working with a company who I thoroughly enjoyed spending virtual time with.

It gets me off the streets. And is truly intellectually stimulating and engaging work.

What’s in it for the US Government? Potentially, quite a bit – new revenue sources being the primary point if planned out right.

What’s in it for the player? More time and money spent on the game = more in game variety, choices, and possibilities. Plain and simple.

My solitary request is – that we place no deadlines on this process. I want to make absolute certain this is done right, I want to take my time on this and not stress out like I did at Wells Fargo. And (most of all) I just want to be very certain I don’t crash the game and maybe might spend some more time playing it to see how certain ideas and concepts might ‘pan out’ in game.

I have attached copies of my current resume, the IRS EIN whcih starts the process of creating a formal legal entity inside the borders of the United States which I registered at the address I understand Blizzard is currently based out of, and the links to some of my writing samples and open source code.

I do so hope one of these emails goes to the right man – The President/CEO of Blizzard – I am guessing based on your domain name!

Thank you for your time and consideration,

With Kind Regards,

  • Brian Scott ”Q” Gregory

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