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In 1979, the movie “Star Trek” came out.

I was 10 years old when my mom took me to see it at United Artists theater at the Brea Mall in California.

I don’t know why that location is so vivid in memory.

At a time where shoot em up science fiction movies like Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back were the ‘in thing’, to say Star Trek offered a perspective my young mind was not ready for would be a massive understatement.

After two hours and 10 minutes of sitting through that movie, I was waiting – hoping – praying the movie would end.

It took me years to actually understand what I had watched.


I would go so far to say – decades.

In today’s day and age.

With Hollywood’s mad dash for short term profitability at all costs,

Where are the movies like this?

Big budget.

Understanding they may not make a profit.

But now. Years later.

It’s hard not to look at this movie as a work of art.

I just downloaded it through Piratebay.

I’d previously purchased it.

Twice in face.

As with most movies I download from piratebay.

So no.

I don’t feel any guilt whatsoever about pulling down this work of art to watch again.

I wonder. Is it possible for studios nowadays to make a movie which isn’t about cowboys versus indians shoot em ups nowadays?

Is mature, big budget fiction with storyline possible outside of the independent movies?

I challenge you, Hollywood, to start making movies

‘for the rest of us’

That sound you just heard?

Was my gauntlet hitting the ground.

Star Trek, the movie, can be downloaded here.

My advice is: pay for it at least once before you watch it.

You’ll feel better about yourself for watching it.



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