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The Past is the Present

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One of the problems storytellers, artists, and the creative types do not seem to fully comprehend is – when they tell a story, it changes the fabric of reality – throughout space and time itself.

Nowhere is this more obvious than when the news promotes inexplicable ‘discoveries which just happen to manifest themselves in locations which just don’t fit logical and rational sense on ‘how these finds’ were missed to begin with.

Take for instance, the discovery of an unexploded bomb in World War 2 that was quite literally just discovered in the heart of London, which has forced an evacuation.

Here’s the story of the “Unexploded 500 Pound WWII-Era Bomb Causes Evacuation In London”

Now I know, I know, linear thinking model logic suggests this is coincidence, right, these workers just happened to be at the right place at the right time and spot something that’s been there the whole time, right?

But look at the news, and there’s other interesting stories, such as this one “Scientists discover frog that can change its skin’s texture”.

… as if it’s been there the whole time…

And then there’s this story about how “Scientists Discover A New Form Of Ice — It’s Square”. Apparently they’ve never been to a nightclub, those poor scientists need to get out more.

And then there’s the Vancouver Sun’s article, featured today, on “Researchers discover first fossils of ‘weird’ crocodile-like ‘Super Salamander’ that lived 200 million years ago”

Or there’s another story featured today of a meat eating hummingbird just recently discovered in this article released today: “Rainbow lorikeets eating meat leaves bird experts astonished”

Now before you dismiss this as overly active scientists, there’s an article, released today which discusses “Argentine Archaeologists Discover a Hidden Nazi Jungle Lair!”

Think this string of discoveries is limited to today? Try again, as just today it was released that “Astronomers discover rare, self-destructing asteroid”.

Or how about – just yesterday – “Researchers discover 400km-wide mega asteroid crater in Australia”.

Now that’s not exactly the type of thing you’d miss, would it?

But wait! There’s more!

In a substance no one has really worked with before – you know – the substance that powers nearly 100% of the world’s computers – five new phases of the material known as silica – sand“Researchers Discover Five New Phases of Silica”.

I suppose they weren’t investigating the material hard enough?

Seven hours ago, archaeologists discover a 2200 year old crossbow was ‘found’ in China… “Archaeologists discover a 2,200-year-old crossbow in China”

And then you have the Muslims finally making progress:  “Muslim scientists discover solar eclipse”

Now it might be easy to ‘dismiss’ all this as a noisy planet.

But to the trained eye, the planet’s telling us her story, past, present, and future – all happening at the same time.

The typical ‘linear thinking’ model might lead me to think that a bomb dropped on London was just now discovered. Coincidence and chance made it so that discovery took quite literally 70 years since that happened.

And while that ‘thinking model’ is NOT invalid.

There’s another way to spin that story:

Something someone said or did in the present day resulted in an additional bomb being thrown in World War 2 which didn’t exist back then but manifested in our reality via news at the moment it happened.

There are potential deviations for this ‘secondary storyline’, such as:

  1. Someone in the present day has time travel or time related technology and attempted to go back in time and bomb a key figure, which (potentially) resulted in a ‘branch’ of time at that moment in time and/or an alternate reality being created where that key figure (may have) died but to us we saw the ‘net result’ as a failure which let our linear timeline remain consistent but also gave us evidence something and/or someone is messing with this technology in the present day.
  2. Someone in the past “woke up” and the first thing they did was tried doing something that did not align with our linear timeline, resulting in the non progression of their timeline. An investigator of time might use this as ‘evidence’ to try to figure out what’s going on ‘in time’

In any case. The first – linear – version. Insists on the non interference and simple acceptance of the timeline that’s been dealt to us.

But as evidence mounts on a daily basis of ‘historically based manipulations’ through the increasing volume of historically inconsistent and/or related finds, it behooves us not just to look at the events occurring as beyond our control.

But something we should – as a country – be making ourselves responsible for creating an agency to investigate, explore, and to assist those lost in our own past history.

Preservation of our history, in my opinion, is automatic and assumed. But finding lifeforms – like us – or entities -organizations, and more – in my opinion, may not be preserved by this system.

And it’s our responsibility as a civilization.

As a country.

To take care of ourselves and help those who may be in need of help.

And at the very least.

Explore time and and have fun with it in any form.

I am proposing to the President that he work with me to plant “The Foundation” as an organization in our reality.

I’ve been specifically trained for this.

But it would be nice to have support.

CERN is a supercollider in Geneva which has already created black holes. Europe is attempting to collapse their own physical system.

If you don’t want the same thing here.

My advice is to educate yourself on Geneva.

And ask yourself:

What is the real purpose of colliding particles at the speed of light?

I want to help U.S..

I know this sounds suicidal.

But maybe I need to be at ground zero for the next test.

A trust fall

And if I am.

I need my mind to understand you trust me by meeting with me in person before that happens.

Otherwise. I think you know that outcome.

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