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In 2002, Microsoft established Microsoft Game Studios, of which they dumped billions of dollars into creating the wildly successful XBox and many successful games.

In 2006, Microsoft Game Studios released the XBox 360 in a worldwide release.

Originally, the company had a difficult time being taken seriously as a developer of video games and related hardware, but in short order – they proved to be formidable competition to even the best of the video game manufacturers.

With brand recognition worldwide focused on Microsoft being a provider of utilitarian products, the concern of consumers and supporters around the world grew concerned over the brand’s identity.

Was Microsoft a Game maker? Or was it an products maker?

In 2011, Microsoft tested a name change in China for its games division as it looked forward to releasing the upcoming XBox One.

After 4 years, branding dilution remained an issue, so rather than remain concerned over branding dilution, Microsoft has decided to ‘spin off’ the mature games/studios division, and as of today, March 20, 2015, has established a new brand name MetaCortex.

MetaCortex loosely means “Outside the Mind” – is a separate and distinct company and is NOT considered a division of Microsoft. The company’s assets includes all the business assets of the games and studios division – and includes all the intellectual property, software, and hardware of the division.

There will be no legal or otherwise obligational ties between Metacortex and Microsoft, and is considered is a clean break between the two companies.

Bill Gates is 50% owner of this new organization.

And I, Brian Scott Gregory, own 50%..

The company will be held privately, without distribution or dilution of ownership, until both of us have agreed to take the company public.


Ownership papers:


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