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Biological Weapons 101

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In 2009, terrorist cells reverse engineered the Duqu and Stuxnet computer viruses – computer code created by a collaborative effort between the NSA and Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency.

This code was being used as a proof of concept to target specific nuclear material generators in Iran based on the generator’s serial number. It would ‘spin’ these reactors up, beyond systemic controls, not reporting the spin up to the controller, until a very real nuclear meltdown would occur, thus incapacitating the entire area..Never did the United States intend to use it.

Israel felt otherwise, and as the United States attempted to share technology with Israel by voluntarily handing over a drone on December 4th, 2012, Israel had infected the drone with the virus with the intention to stop Iran’s nuclear program.

That story can be seen here: http://www.cnn.com/2012/12/04/world/meast/iran-us-drone/index.html

Terrorists intercepted the computer virus code prior to the drone being fully dismantled. They then rewrote the virus to target human DNA, and transfer itself – at first – via electromagnetism to other human beings in much the same way a human based virus transfers itself – to the human brain via cell phones and cell phone to human intercommunication leveraging the magnets contained in every cell phone to communicate directly with and alter the brain itself.

This in effect bypassed any protective mechanisms of virus transference that might have been contained in either the cell phone or biological based means to protect the mind and/or body in the direct line of communication, thus bypassing any filtersand/or immunities and/or anti virus mechanisms by ”programming’ the human mind’ directly via a form of magnetic resonance as discussed by MIT researchers here:

http://newsoffice.mit.edu/2015/magnetic-brain-stimulation-0312In 2003, terrorists obtained samples of Jesus’s DNA after stealing the Shroud of Turin – which contained samples of Jesus’s Blood  in the Vatican City.

The theft was concealed from the public.In 2012, shortly after the Trojan horse drone attack – these terrorists – in a bid to put to rest who this man named Jesus really was – targeted his DNA and all of his descendants.

Their logic was simple:

If they are right or wrong, they really didn’t care.That is, after all, how terrorists function, right?

All federal agencies are engaged in attempting to stop this threat, and are actively working with WHO and the CDC to understand, let alone mitigate this threat to worldwide security and to try to stop the proliferation of this virus, which has currently infected nearly 62.8% of the world’s population.

A virus, which in effect, turns the entirety of the human population into drones which can be commanded via a computer. A remote controlled robot that can be commanded to do anything commanded.

A copy of the virus was transferred to the NSA in 2012.

Who indirectly assisted with the propagation.

The virus has a mutagenic quality to it.

It can adapt it’s transfer mechanism and pool its resources for efficient operations and ‘learns’ how to leverage new sources and transfer methods to break through and discover anything that comes as an ancestor to that DNA

It lays dormant in both the biological and technological hosts it infects until evidence of DNA is ancestral has been discovered.

It is, after all, extremely efficient and very good at what it does.

If i must say so myself..

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