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In 1946, the company ‘Vault-Tec’ was formed, as a direct result of the concern of the American Citizens of the threat of nuclear war.

For anyone who growing up before the 1980s, air raid sirens were commonplace for anyone going through grade school.

In the late 1960s and prior to then, it was not uncommon to have ‘bomb drills’ at the same time, where households, schools, and companies would seek a bomb shelter which was well clear of any potential nuclear blasts.

In 1946, Vault-Tec formed to provide fully functional underground shelters for the more affluent customers who could afford them.

Whether it was an extended family and network of friends who commissioned a three story 20,000 square feet interior complete with entertainment systems and power to last 100 years.

Or a company such as Umbrella Corporation who leveraged Vault-Tec’s knowledge and skills to build a massive multimillion dollar underground research facility which also served as a shelter to protect from threats ‘unknown and known’…

Within 10 short years, the company had become one of the most profitable in America’s history – and had topped a billion dollars in revenue.

But this came at a price.

When Senator Joe McCarthy – who was strongly anti-communism – held the modern day equivalent of the witch hunt trials for communists – he received a reward from Vault-Tec for his activities.

A reward he absolutely refused.

“I do what I do because the United States was predicated on political and religious freedom, and the very real threat of communism cedes control of our lives to the state and threatens the very fabric of what founded this nation.

Freedom of INDIVIDUAL  choice.”

It was a foolish move, he was told, and a woman was killed in what was later deemed a suicide to make a point to him whose side he was on.

Vault-Tec’s move forced McCarthy’s resignation, later referred to as an act of censure, which the manipulation by numerous deep pockets served as a catalyst for McCarthy to quit taking the fear based approach and instead educate people about the issues involved with communism.

This led directly to the formation of which he then went on to found the Cerberus organization which served that purpose.

In 1961, newly elected President JFK was given a brief by a trusted advisor on the corruption of Vault-Tec. the financial influence it held over numerous senators and other politicians, and the role it had in generating fear in the American population.

The President was given a warning when he demanded a Senate Investigation.

And in 1963, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was shot by the lone gunman – Lee Harvey Oswald – in Dallas, Texas.

The world demanded an answer.

Vault-Tec was immediately blamed by many ‘not on the payroll’, but there was absolutely no conclusive proof the company had played a role in the President’s shooting.

In fact, at the time, the company was reviewing its hard ball fear based tactics of sales and marketing, and inner sources report they did, in part, blame themselves for the public reaction to JFK’s naive interactions with Cuba, Communism, and the threat of war.

Within months of JFK’s death, the company’s owners and directors dissolved the company, choosing to simply not do business with concerns of actually finding the need to use their own products.

They purchased an extended insurance policy with AIG to ‘insure against anything and everything’ for the legal and guaranteed life of their products.

A policy, which, incidentally, finally ran out in 2014 – 50 years after its inception.

The very wealthy children of the founders of this company have worked together – and extensively with the US Government – to shape a new image and vision for this company.

Vault-Tec is a Las Vegas corporation which specializes in providing affluent customers with high-tech underground housing options, research centers, and amusement and theme park additions when above ground options are costly and/or impossible.

The City of Phoenix has contracted with Vault-Tec to build both a state of the art partially underground amusement park and F1 race track.

The Theme park, already named “The City of Magic” – will be a theme park promoting Harry Potter type fantasy worlds – be built in the same location as the old Legend City (here).

The theme park – located in the middle of the desert – will be the world’s first of its kind open air underground theme park which will leverage cutting edge natural air flow and ventilation technologies engineered by a collaboration between engineers at Arizona State University, Colorado State University, and the University of Arizona in coordination with cutting edge Dyson heating and cooling systems to immerse the visitor in a sustained and environmentally friendly atmosphere of 72 degrees, year round, no matter where you’re at in the park!

Again, in the middle of the desert.

The City of Phoenix is also partnering with Compton Terrace and Vault-Tec to build a 100,000 seat capacity F1 sports car race track with the chief designer being Disney’s Imagineer Tim J Delaney, working with Shigeru Miyamoto (the creator of the video game series Mario Kart) as well as several members of the Cryo Interactive team who created the video game Mega Race.

The 100% underground facility will feature all natural lighting featuring GE bioluminescent technology, and again partnering with Dyson for heating and cooling systems to maintain a 72 degree year round temperature.

The track, tentatively named “Compton Down Under” will be reopened with a revamped  “Compton Terrace” – a joint project which will feature a 60,000 seat ‘biodomed’ stadium created by Space Biosphere Ventures – on January 20, 2020, the first race commencing five hours after the President’s inaugural address, as the President will be in attendance.


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