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Now if you haven’t already read about my interests in the female body and human sexuality, then I implore you:

Read about my formation of the organization known as

Nude In Public (here)

Now what is a well documented fact with emerging technologies, is that with these new technologies – after territorial arguments have been settled (ie: warfare), they generally see the greatest initial  demand by consumers in sex and entertainment before going mainstream.

As Virtual Reality reaches maturity, with Oculus VR, Microsoft Hololens, Google Goggles, and then to real life Holodecks – there are plenty of ‘suppliers’ and game makers who will be able to supply entertainment.

But what about sex?

That’s where I come in. You can take that figuratively or literally, that’s entirely up to you.

Years ago, Eric Matis, I looked at your industry and I looked down on you – snubbing our friendship to a certain degree – and I realize what an asshole I was being.

My goal with Sex in Public AND PARTLY with Nude In Public is to create virtual reality scenarios for you – as a male or female – to experience the ‘thrill’ of exhibitionism and public sex – without the traditional fears associated with law enforcement and legal troubles.

Do you want to a virtual reality simulation of being a musician and having sex in front of a crowd of thousands on a stage?

As a man or a woman, not only will I make it possible for you to experience this, but I will make it possible for you to experience this as the gender of your choice!

Are you a man and Do you want to be at a public festival and feels like it feels like to walk around as a nude and attractive woman?

Are you a woman and walk to experience – a simulated version mind you – of what it feels like to have sex with a penis?

Did you ever dream of taking your partner to a swinger’s club, but never had the nerve to do it?

Or are you shy and introverted, as a male or female and there’s a weird side of you that wants to see how your friends or family might react to to accidentally discovering hard core images of you having group sex with a group of women or men?

Do you want to have sex with Seven of Nine on board the Starship Voyager in front of the entire crew?

Or do you want to create a fantasy scenario on a beach of a planet you’ve designed with your own natural gestures – through your voice and hands – and have sex with a three breasted 8 armed woman from Rylos?

All of this is possible.

And so much more.

Sex In Public is about taking sex out of the bedroom.

And taking it to the fantasy location of your dreams – or nightmares – leveraging cutting edge Virtual Reality hardware and software.

Knowing wherever it is. You’re secret’s safe with me.

Or not. Depending on what you want.

In a society of options, not obstacles,

I offer a way forward for the perverts like me
without outright threatening the order of this thing we call reality.

Here’s one ‘tame’ example of the use of the use of this technology, a woman who is actually a man in a virtual reality simulation nude in the office posing for everyone….

Zuzana Drabinova – Naked at the office.

Here’s a list of locations that have already been created to ‘explore’ your wild side with. There’s MANY more which have NOT been documented, yet.




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