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Chronos and his contribution to modern society

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BC – originally incepted in ancient Greece – really means “Before Cronus”.

You may know of the ‘myth’ of the man Cronus, aka the ‘God of time’ – he was not so much a god as he was an inventor – who is the first documented human to start the regular daily physical documentation process of history and local events leveraging papyrus rather than the storytelling and memorization processes which had long proceeded Cronus’s ‘invention’.

This ‘de facto’ measure allowed for the creation of other inventions, including such VERY important things as written rule and law – establishing precedence, the written story – entertainment, philosophy – and also introduced much more practical uses such as long distance travel and seafaring navigational methods – as the documenting of historical accounts made it possible for vessels covering long distances no longer risked going in circles and were able to map the terrain as they went alond – as they retained records of their daily movement.

This made mapping possible, and actually is in fact what built up modern civilization.

Interestingly enough, AD – means “Anno Domini” – or directly translated from latin – means “Year of Rule”, as rules and laws and precedence were also codified using Cronus’s historical methods.

In the crusades – the Christian and Pagan culture later came to manipulate the meaning to refer to “Year of Our Lord”, but the translation to “After Death”, a misnomer at best (as Jesus is documented as having died in 31AD, which would make the term After Death not make any semse, would it?), outlines the lack of awareness early Christians had of the importance of documenting events and the use of any form of calendar.

BC and AD marks the transition period in human’s history where historical record-keeping began to occur outside of spoken record – with written and preservable materialistically based records – where storytelling and oration as a mechanism of preservation of history no longer was the primary forms of ‘remembering our past’.

BC = Before Cronus
AD = Year of Rule (When historical recordkeeping started being written)

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