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When I was in fifth grade, me and a few friends found a box of Playboy and Penthouse Magazines that had been carried to the curb by what I could only imagine at the time was an angry wife demanding her husband ‘get rid of his stash’.

Sure, I read some of the articles.

No bullshit.

But when I saw a woman jetskiing across Lake Meade without a lick of clothing on, or another woman skateboarding in a public park without any clothes on, I knew I had discovered my own fantasy.

I loved reading. I read voraciously. But I abhorred reading

So one day, not long after finding the stash, I was given the assignment to read an autobiography.

An assignment I was confident was going to bore me to tears.

My mom took me to the library devoted to the former President Richard Nixon in Yorba Linda, California, where I discovered:

Lo and behold: Hugh Hefner’s autobiography.

I was delighted. HOW did a man like this get as lucky as he did? He wasn’t great looking. He wasn’t even horribly smart.

But as I soon learned – after a failed marriage – he was absolutely tenacious in his own divorce recovery and utterly believed in himself despite the curve-balls life had thrown him – all leading to the point where he – singlehandedly – made Marilyn Monroe a household name as she graced the cover of his first issue.


I read the autobiography of Hugh Hefner in the blink of an eye, and wrote the book report about him with unbridled passion.

It was one of the few homework assignments I actually turned in early to a teacher who insisted I wait to turn it in. .

A few days later, my mom sat me down:

“I hear you got a great grade on your book report”

I showed her the book report I had just received that day.

“An A+,” I showed her, proudly.

“Your teacher called me and asked me if I knew what you were reading. Do you mind if I see the report you wrote?”

As I watched her face turn red.

She then said:

“Your father is going to have a good talk with you you tonight.”

The conversation with my father that evening was probably the funniest bonding experiences of my life.

“Your mom told me about the book report,” he said.

“Yeah,” I said glumly.

He smiled.

“I guess we don’t have to talk about the birds and bees, do we?”

It was as close to an attaboy as I had ever gotten from my father concerning the subject without it being too obvious he was unofficially condoning my activities.

Like many boys, I have long had fantasies about becoming like Hugh Hefner one of these days.

An old friend of mine I had met playing the game Everquest – Eric Matis – was partial owner of Adult.com, which was purchased by Playboy, and he became a seni9or VP for Playboy.

It’s one of the rare instances in my life I have had significant jealousy over a friend’s life. I rationalized away his choices saying “I would never want to get into adult film and content, as that’s an industry I would never be able to get out of”

But not long after I saw his pictures of a party he attended at the Playboy mansion, I subconsciously undermined the friendship by being a total jackass – I was wildly jealous of his life.

For that and the way I treated our friendship, Eric Matis, I apologize. I was a dick to you and you didn’t deserve it.

But the truth is – Playboy showed attractive women.

But it was always like a still photo.

One day, not long after this, I found a web site called “Nude In Public”, which featured tasteful nudes of women walking and doing things in and around European locations without a single piece of clothing on.

Whether it was a public restaurant, a bar or nightclub in Slovakia where four gorgeous ladies would show up completely nude and dance all night long, a farmer’s market in Munich, a busy beach in Italy, a busy city street in Prague or Budapest, or the love parade IN Berlin – the theme was the same – typically a new woman every two days featured in locations which sometimes involved a police escort (or payoff) out.

I featured many of the photographs from that web site here:

So in 2003, I had the opportunity to go to Europe and see these locations firsthand. You could actually go so far to say that it was ‘the nudes’ that inspired my Europe visit.

Sure, I had the ‘hopes’ of seeing a photography session in process.

I never did

What I did witness was a rich and varied historical and cultural background which had it’s quirks. Had it’s problems.

And consistently delivered on presenting fun and entertainment in unpredictable ways when I chose to go and hang out in social settings where alcohol was involved.

Accordingly, I am actively seeking support for opening up an American Company

“In Public” will be the theme. The goal is to deliver entertainment in the form of different women having sex with me and with public nudity – in highly recognizable public locations across the United States – whether it’s the Golden Gate Bridge or in front of the White house, whether its’ at an amusement park like Universal Studios in California or a Starbuck’s cafe – the magazine and web site will deliver quality and CLASSY sex with me and nudity in public areas.

Yes. This will quite often be done illegally.

So an investment in this is quite likely not going to provide any tangible return as lawyer costs and police fines and fees for celebrities and supermodels to participate I have no doubt will become costly.

And yes, enticing supermodels and celebrities to participate in this will be an absolute goal.

We’re all entitled to dream, right? Why not dream big?

Check out the web site for the European version as an example of what I am referring to.



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