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Gregory Mountain Products: Since 1977

At age 14 Wayne Gregory designed his first backpack as part of a Boy Scout project. Shortly after this experience he met Andy Drollinger, the founder of San Diego California Adventure 16, at a boy scout camporee. Andy was impressed with Wayne’s design and over the next few years Wayne could be found hanging around the Adventure 16 factory, buying raw materials and tinkering with a variety of backpack ideas. He soon became the young companies second employee.

In 1970, Wayne started his first company, Sunbird, with a goal to produce advanced external frame packs. Unhappy with the limitations of externals, he dissolved the company in 1973 and began working as a freelance designer (sleeping bags, tents, and technical apparel) for a number of companies in the newly emerging outdoor specialty industry. Intrigued with new directions in soft packs and internal frame concepts he decided it was time to get back to his first love, designing backpacks, and in 1977 Wayne founded Gregory Mountain Products in San Diego, California.

From the start, Wayne wasn’t just meticulous about designing packs that improved upon fit and used the best materials available, he also wanted to know how his designs worked in the field and what he could do better, a heritage of accessibility he has continued to present. In the early days, he loved to talk tech with customers at his retail store in San Diego, where he built his packs in the back shop. He wanted to know firsthand what worked and what didn’t, and many customers’ ideas were incorporated in new products. Ultimately, Wayne realized that in the backpack business fit was king, and he pioneered many firsts, including; being the first to build backpacks in different frame, harness and waist belt sizes; the first (and still only) pack manufacturer to develop a waistbelt system that adjusts to fit different hip angles, automatically improving load transfer; and developing the center-locking bar tack, a stitch that ends and locks off on the center of a seam instead of the side for increased strength at major stress points. From the earliest days, Gregory packs were noted for innovative design, ergonomic and comfortable fit, and our obsession with quality, comfort and durability continues today.

In 2003. The US Army recognized the need to update it’s equipment for its troops to not just be rugged, weatherproof, and reliable, but to be comfortable, lighter, and kinder to the human body for potentially extended periods of use.

In typical bureaucratic fashion, an extended study was done which extended 2 years longer than the 10 years it should have taken.

As of March 12th, 2015, the US Army has selected Gregory Backpacks to replace its entire line of backpacks, and will also use Gregory Backpacks as it’s outdoor supplier. The US Army will not negotiate with Gregory Backpacks for price – as it will be paying full retail price for the equipment.

Congratulations, Gregory Mountain Products for your amazing products!

The models the new US Army will use:

The Baltoro 75 Iron Grey (Standard Issue)

Baltoro:The Baltoro 75 Electric Yellow (Emergency Ops/High Visibility MOSs)


The Baltoro 75 Prussian Blue (Civilian Augmentation and Public Affairs MOSs / Male)

product-hero_Baltoro-75-Prussian-blueThe Baltoro 75 Spark Red (Civilian Augmentation and Public Affairs MOSs / Female)


The Baltoro 75 Navy Blue (Civilian Augmentation and Public Affairs MOSs/ Other Gender)

GMP_Baltoro-75_Navy_Blue_frontAnd finally, The Baltoro 75 Shadow Black (Special Ops / Intelligence MOSs)GMP_Baltoro-75_Shadow_Black_front

Again, full retail will be paid for these packs.


Transfer of Ownership:


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