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On February 13, 2015, President Obama issued Executive Order 12829, establishing an active position the US Government is taking in promoting Private Sector Cybersecurity Information Sharing.

Sec. 6. National Industrial Security Program, specifically amends the establishing clause of the National Security Agency, and adds in descriptive information detailing the successive chain of command and the relationships which will occur as a direct result of the dismantling of the NSA.

On or before January 20, 2020, the United States Government will dismantle the organization known as the National Security Agency, and will privatize the functions of the monolithic organization.

Thus privatizing information collection and the standards development for the security industry in much the same way the internet was established to begin with and similar to the deregulation of the phone companies.

As publicity haunts the NSA, the organization has repeatedly failed to take a hard look at itself and its frequently inhumane practices, repeatedly choosing to operate by its initial mission, information acquisition – without regard or consideration for human cost.

The NSA was formed in 1947, and was originally intended as an oversight organization for data collection services, and to act as a centralized repository for the military and active intelligence agencies.

In 2001, It became clear to the President and military leaders that the NSA had lost its focus, which prompted the creation of Central Security Services – a successor organization which was to be responsible for succeeding the NSA and/or offloading informational asserts.

This relationship backfired, and led to infighting in the intelligence community and exposed the corruption rife in the intelligence services based on hierarchical and predictable dependency the corporate world had on the existing infrastructure,

In 2006, construction on “The Matrix” started in Saratoga Springs, Utah, a massive data informational processing and research facility created by the NSA to work with individuals rather than corporations – and to mitigate the risk of the silo based nature of information within the NSA.

And to avoid ‘kingdom building’.

In 2008, the construction and goals of the project were leaked to the public by an angry corporate owner who didn’t appreciate the anti competitive nature this created for their dependency on the NSA for employment information and first rate labor acquisition.

She asked the question: how can the NSA support the corporation and protect the individual at the same time? It was a very valid question, and one that demanded a response.

In 2009, this led to a discrete and intense audit of the NSA’s budget as an organization, and it was determined, with black budget program income and expenditures, that the NSA was operating at a gross profit which was then being filtered to many of the corporate owners who were using the NSA to support their own wealth.

Surprise, right?

This review led to the slow and methodical development of the Presidential Executive Order which effectively dismantles the NSA in it’s entirety on or before January 20, 2020, and reinforces corporate collaboration, a new form of cooperation with employees and employment unions leveraging a reportable form of CSR,  and the privatization of the collection of data.

The company known as “Matrix”, a name taken by the company based on the movie of the same name and it’s similarly dark nature that many people like myself – saw something amazing and beautiful in – a dark image its ultimate goal is to overcome, is publicly known as the “NSA Utah Data Center”, and the vast majority of it’s multibillion dollar facility is currently hidden from public view.

First stage construction (intentionally ugly, I might add):


It is the 11th of 13 domestically based firms to be classified as critical to the security of the United States, and will publicly be unveiled on or before January 20, 2020, when the President formally announces the dismantling of the NSA and shifts to privatizing the entity and distributing its assets.

The Matrix is merely a constituent part of the United States’ security – specializing in the collection, protection, selective dissemination research, and support of the INDIVIDUAL and their information..

It is already 100% fully operational and has been since 2011.



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