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Founded by wealthy investor Andrew Ryan just after World War 2 in 1946, Ryan Industries was established in an effort to understand the miraculous healing which occurred among many people who were injured in the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

After being rejected by multiple science laboratories, a nurse by the name of Brigid Tenenbaum had approached Andrew Ryan in the hopes of obtaining financial backing for researching what she thought was the source of the healing – sea slugs!

Mr Ryan invested in Tenenbaum’s work, supplying her with the necessary tools to both verify the source of the healing, and to isolate the miraculously healing substance in the sea slug.

In 1947, a topical chemical was presented to a war weary US Government which exhibited nearly instantaneous healing powers.

In the first ever documented move of Imminent Domain by the United States Government, the entire organization was immediately classified as top secret, in a partnership with the US Navy.

The USS Arizona was moved directly over the location where the unusual sea slugs inhabited, and an underwater research facility was built just under what was to become the USS Arizona memorial.

The Research Facility’s name? Rapture.

A bitter rivalry between Andrew Ryan and the US Navy ensued, as Ryan had barely been compensated for his costs and nothing more as he saw the company he had founded and spent two years of his life working on stripped away.

To make matters worse. Not only was Andrew Ryan prevented from opening up another company by the name “Ryan Industries”, in ways that baffled him, but anything he attempted to do in and around the development of the products he originally invested in met with disaster.

Sensing a conspiracy. Even being ridiculed as being insane by those he made inquiries to within the US Government, He changed his name to Frank Fontaine, his favorite comedian of the day.

As Andrew Ryan later explained:

“If they want to make my time and effort into a joke. It’s a comedian they’ll get who will roll with the punches and deliver some on his own.”

Almost immediately, the original researcher, Brigid Tenenbaum, ‘defected’,  explaining to Ryan the US Navy’s goal of creating super healing super soldiers ‘like the kind you find in comic books’.

“But what of their emotions?,” she told Ryan, “After a thousand battles would they even be considered human anymore?”

Not long after the reunion, Brigid Tenenbaum discovered the real source of the regenerative nature of the sea slug, which in fact wasn’t as much biological as it was a biological process, which turned out to be a reproducible process using off the shelf chemicals. .

Brigid and Andrew were married in 1959, a little more than decade after their business partnership began. And their company saw many, many products and brand names hit the consumer shelves over the years under various aliases to not draw too much attention.

In 2006. Andrew Ryan worked with the US Government to purchase the abandoned facility underneath the USS Arizona monument in Hawaii.


To preserve it’s historic and cultural importance, the US Government has designated the monument’s current location AND Frank Fontaine aka Andrew Ryan’s series of companies as the tenth of 13 domestically based entities to be classified as critical to the security of the United States.

On or before January 20, 202o, the USS Arizona will be moved to it’s original location and a newer monument will be erected in memory of those who were lost in World War 2.

And at that time.

The City of Atlantis, the world’s first submersible city and new headquarters of Ryan industries which can house nearly 500,000 employees and their families – will be unveiled to the public.


There are currently 50,000 people operating Atlantis, mainly research and support, with 170,000 working in various roles around the world for the newly resurrected Ryan Industries.

Ryan Industries specializes in chemical and biological engineering, oceanography, marine biology, and other newer areas of research such as underwater civil engineering and related support.

On a final note: Andrew Ryan and Brigid Tenenbaum are both nearly 85 years old and still married….. And they don’t look a day over 35! Another (un)fortunate benefit of having worked with the regenerative chemicals as they underwent development!

Ryan Industries is an avid supporter of Greenpeace.

Ryan Industries is also decidedly against the EEO and hires according to whatever standards it darn well feels like.


Transfer of Ownership Papers:


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