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A Tale of Scale

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Imagine being in California, and feeling the hot Santa Ana winds blow unexpectedly.
“Where do those winds come from?” You say out loud.
In that instant, time seems to speed up, what was previously a 60 mile per hour gusting wind is now a devastating 600 miles per hour wind. Yet strangely, the world around you remains intact, as if it – and you are not feeling a thing other than this amazingly strong gust of wind seemingly blow right through you.
Off in the distance you see the plume of a nuclear cloud extend as high as you can see.
A bomb had been dropped.
Your question was just answered.
“But why?,” you ask out loud, “is everything not destroyed? That blast should have leveled the entire city yet it – and yet I still stand?”
In that instant. As if your mind is wanting to help you understand. You are whisked up.
The people below fade away and look like ants.
You are whisked up further.
The cars and trucks and building begin to look like play toys.
You know, the ones you played with as a child.
You are whisked back further.
You see the plume cloud from the nuclear blast beneath you.
You are whisked back further. And faster.
The plume cloud is barely visible as you see the entire earth, as gorgeous as she is with the moon in orbit.
You are whisked further away.
Other planets appear in your field of view, with moons orbiting them.
You are whisked away further, your speed dramatically increasing but you aren’t feeling a thing.
Earth disappears in the vast blackness of space, as you see countless other stars and planets zip past you – as you keep on going further and further away.
You are whisked ever further away, but something weird is happening – the distance between the blackness of space compresses, and it appears like…
You are whisked away further….
Is that a solid object forming? That blackness seems to be being replaced with … color?
You are whisked away further….
You hear a noise. It sounds like…
You are whisked away further….
The object solidifies and you see what is clearly a human hand….
You are whisked away further….
And the noise is deafening…. and the noise you’re hearing is clearly what caused your nuclear blast….
You are whisked away further….

As you find yourself looking down through eyes that had always been yours…

“Is that a?,” you think out loud as you see what was causing the noise….

You see words on the side of the thing causing your noise, but before you can make them out…

….. But right then… You hear yourself say:

“Damn hands.. they can never seem to get dry with these stupid things”

As the words become visible “Earth Dryer”.
You walk out of the restroom, after using the public dryer…
Your hands still wet.
And your conscious mind none the wiser as to what just happened at the subatomic level of your body.
… but your subconscious mind…
Has a hell of a story to tell you….
.. if you could only learn to listen 😉

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