Cerberus’ core belief is that humans beings deserve a greater degree of freedom, latitude and liberty than they have historically been allowed in shaping their own destiny, and accordingly, is an organization built on the philosophy of guaranteeing the ‘human experience’ for those who have seen their basic individual rights and choices questioned or disallowed when more traditional avenues and protective systems have failed.

On December 1, 1954, a senator Joseph McCarthy – who had led the McCarthy hearings ‘hunt’ for communists – and spearheaded the ‘red scare’ within the US government – met with senate members in private where he was ready to tender his resignation.

He had actually felt intense guilt of someone having committed suicide as a direct result of his actions and no longer desired to be a senate member.

With many people of vast wealth and power surprisingly in complete agreement of McCarthy’s position, his desire to quit was strongly resisted despite his desire to exit, and he was request to ‘stay’ in his position – as one does not simply quit a publicly elected position when the going gets tough.

He refused. His mind was made up.

Fortunately, an amenable alternative was provided

On December 2nd, 1954, Senator Joseph McCarthy was released as a Senator, historically referred to as an act of “censure”, making him one of the few senators ever to be disciplined in this fashion.

That same day, he walked out of the Senate and into the offices of a newly formed highly classified organization in Washington DC.

It’s name: Cerberus.

Named in honor of its new leader, and the much feared three headed watch dog in Greek mythology who could look to the past, present and future as it guarded and defended those who didn’t know needed defending.

The Cerberus Organization’s primary mission was and remains simple: To help identify, assist, and educate those in need, with quite literally no financial restrictions, limitations, boundaries, and borders on who or what it could provide assistance to.

Two months after it’s inception, Cerberus focused its primary attention on two separate projects to sustain itself and it’s mission –  ‘perpetual project paths’ initiated by Mr McCarthy, something he had hopes could become his legacy in perpetual support of the organization’s primary mission.

The first project, named “Project Axiom”, involved identifying and classifying separate forms of intelligence beyond simple IQ. To Mr McCarthy, who’d come to regret his ‘witch hunt’ methods, he felt it was an ongoing necessity not just for him, but for his organization to understand those he represented on their terms, not his.

The second project, named the “The Lazarus Project”, was tasked with the research and development of technology based on fictional and historical references  – starting with the bible.

What was unusual about Cerberus was the nature of it’s primary and ongoing ‘projects’ – as both were considered “Perpetually Renewable Projects” by the organization – quite literally woven into the proverbial DNA of the firm.

One project used to foster and support the other to foster and support the primary mission of the company.

The organization saw modest yet very sustained growth and respect in private circles immediately. Just prior to McCarthy’s death in 1957, a ‘succession program’ was established to ensure the continued and ongoing success of the primary mission and retain integrity of the organization and education of that mission to successors with an understanding of why it had been established to begin with.

In 1999, Cerberus was meeting, in private, with the WTO in a highly classified and secured location in Seattle to discuss incorporating social and intelligence research Cerberus had discovered into the WTO social programs, when the meeting was confronted by thousands upon thousands of protestors.

The meeting between the organizations no longer secret, and clearly something involving the WTO wasn’t working in the best interests of the Cerberus and/or the US Government.

Due to the vital role Cerberus has had and continues to have with humanity’s interests, the US Senate through the DOD immediately classified Cerberus as critical to the security of the United States to protect it.

But this required dismantling of the ties with the WTO to provide the illusion of dismantlement to allay any further provocations or security concerns.

It is the sixth of 13 domestically based firms to do so, and as such its entire operations are hidden under a veil of security and extensive series of shell companies, with its headquarters in Washington, DC hidden under a security holoveil.

Cerberus has since been rumored to have established a third project – referred only as a checks and balances program’ – and is known internally as “Project Chimera”. Not much is known about the nature and objectives of “Project Chimera”, but Cerberus has explained that any and all information regarding “Project Chimera” will be released on or before January 20, 2020.

Cerberus currently employs 113,000 people directly in a variety of capacities, and has approximately 100,000 private contractors at any given time working in a variety of capacities as well.


Transfer of Ownership Of Cerberus: