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The Umbrella Corporation is a multinational conglomerate specializing in a wide range of areas – including pharmaceuticals, genetic engineering, advanced biological, psychological and medical research and related equipment, as well as a consumer products organization, with separate divisions in cosmetics and foods.

Formed in 1969 by Pope Paul VI through the Roman Curia – the administrative arm of The Vatican. Umbrella was created as a direct result of humanity’s ambitions to explore space.

The Pope’s Habit:

The Umbrella Corporation’s initial purpose was to psychologically prepare the religious community in the United States for the potentials that space exploration presented by disseminating information The Vatican had previously held in secret.

It has since seen enormous and unexpected success, and is the first company in America which openly practiced and promoted something referred to as “Consumer Social Responsibility”. CSR is a means of integrating social values, morals, and corporate responsibility for the health and welfare of its employees direct into the fabric of an organization.

Like the Vatican, and due to the necessarily secretive nature of many of our products and services, Umbrella trains and employs its own accredited security and police force keeping CSR in mind.

In 1999, Fox announced the cancellation of Beverly Hills, 90210, Pope John Paul II’s favorite television show. The Pope phoned then President William Clinton, threatening to pull funding for the Umbrella Corporation, which by then was employing nearly 74,000 people and providing immense benefit to the health of the nation.

The President explained his inability to change the TV show’s cancellation and attempted to explain America’s individuality to The Pope, who refused to consider it and immediately terminated ongoing support for Umbrella.

Yes, World leaders can be THAT petty!

This turned out to be extremely fortunate for Umbrella, as the organization was already profitable, and with profits not going back to The Vatican, Umbrella was now able to reinvest in itself.

This saw a rapid expansion of Umbrella corporation within the United States, which spread quickly to overseas arms on quite literally every continent in the world, including the Antarctic.

On July 7th, 2005, biogenetically engineered t-cells were stolen by an intern working for Umbrella in London, and infected several of the metro and bus stations with airborne samples causing quick and unexpected death by many who came in contact with the material.

The intern had been convinced they had found a cure to cancer, and immediately acted in the hopes of freely distributing the cure in the local population.

Unfortunately, the cure for some also had some pretty nasty side effects resulting in death through strokes and seizures.

An ID from the response team:

CSR had by then only been adopted in the United States, and outside the United States it was misunderstood – and was largely only a product of consumer product delivery. After this incident, the organization was restructured and a comprehensive ‘CSR plan was implemented around the world.’ ensuring the uniformity of Umbrella’s CSR plan.

Umbrella ended up paying a great deal of money to mitigate the risk to it’s global image, paying large settlements to the local government and effected people and family members to remain quiet about the isolated incident caused by a single zealous co-worker, who incidentally, Umbrella has gone to great lengths to work with after his arrest..

The incident has become known as the ‘Bombings of July 7th, 2005’ to the rest of the world.

Despite its ‘spin’ in worldwide public media, Umbrella has chosen to locally remember the incidence, and a community member suggested wearing a Carnation on that date, to promote remembrance by the employees and community of the responsibilities of corporations AS WELL AS the people within them to work with the customer – whether that’s ourselves or those directly or indirectly we do business with.

The “Carnation Says to Remember”, a phrase coined by a local community member, a mnemonic to remember the company’s need for “Corporate Social Responsibility”.

Here’s the Queen With the Carnation:


Umbrella is one of the world’s largest employers, with 2.2 million people employed worldwide.

In 1999, to provide ‘the image’ of dismantlement of the organization to the Vatican, and for reasons that they will not go public with, the United States classified Umbrella as critical to the security of the United States, the fifth of 13 firms to do so, and as such its domestic operations are hidden under a security holoveil and will be revealed on or before January 20th, 2020..

It’s headquarters is in Mesa, Arizona, and will also be publicly ‘revealed’ on or before January 20, 2020.

The Umbrella Headquarters:


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