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Chronowerx employs nearly 252,000 personnel directly and nearly a million contractors working through its vast network. It specializes in providing highly classified monitoring, surveillance, explorative, and peacekeeping operational technology, and also actively works with the community indirectly to educate on what it does.

Sharing its headquarters with the MTA in Los Angeles, California, it employes a wide array of disciplines – from Cartographers to Geographers, Engineers and Scientists, Mechanics and Magicians, to Actors and Authors around the world.

Chronowerx originally found success as it shaped and developed a High Performance Graphical Operating System – originally incepted as an internship project by graduate students at the University of Southern California for precision Astrometrics created in collaboration with Griffith Park Observatory.


With its specialized and intense operating system demands, and problems experienced with digital hardware wired together that could not keep up with the real time demands of higher end navigational astrometrics, Chronowerx subcontracted with Microchip – a Chandler, Arizona based company to custom develop the world’s first isograted circuit – an integrated processor with an onboard cesium atom based clock which did not need synchronization and an onboard accelerometer.

This closed circuit created unparalleled precision in timing and position, which saw Chronowerx become the first strictly classified firm to have a publicly undisclosable net worth shoot up to the billions of dollars.

Chronowerx soon saw demand build for serving extraplanetary requirements – whether it was missions to the moon or to Mars, with unique requirements for performance in time and gravity.

Once again they partnered with Microchip to develop the world’s first isograted processor – a variant of the isograted circuit with an onboard clock and an externally adjustable accelerometer.

This processor was later upgraded to calculate positional three dimensional matrix and trajectory transformations directly on board the processor based on dynamically adjustable accelerometer positioning.

In 1996, Chronowerx was classified as a critical firm to the National Security of the United States.

On or before January 20, 2020, it will shift its entire operations to a consumer products and services division.

The movie “The Game” Starring Michael Douglas, was fully funded by Chronowerx, and is/was a promotional movie outlining one of the various publicly ‘secretive’ services that Chronowerx intends to provide with exclusivity when it is officially permitted to do so.




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