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Everything I learned about science I learned from tv and movies

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In Superman, I learned the basic laws of Physics and constant values such as PI and the speed of light were different depending on the star system.

Here’s the critical scene which discusses this:

In Star Trek, I learned to love watching robots who like to act like humans who measure time based on predictable configurations of stars based on the period of time that’s elapsed since the Big Bang.

In Terminator and the Sarah Jane Chronicles, I learned to love these robots and cyborgs as they told a story of time travel leveraging the same Stardates, as it appeared they were trying to ‘realign’ a creation that had mysteriously taken an unpredictable path they didn’t fully understand why it was occurring.

In Galaxy Quest, I learned that the lines of fiction are fact for some, and that the imagined can become real with this simple little belief, and that training in fictional environments can mysteriously translate to the fact based world.

In Wreck it Ralph I learned that video games were brimming with life, and the ‘bad guys’ characters depicted were always receiving the raw end of the stick.

This caused me to look at Star Trek again and compare it to my own world, and question what the difference is between a bad guy and a good guy – which is more often than not quite potentially manipulated by those telling the story.

The movie “John Carter” made me realize that the laws of physics can develop totally different cultures and worlds.

The video game “Saboteur” made me realize that World War 2 could have started as a man who could see color for the first time presented it to a world who could only see in black and white.

The movie Pleasantville asserted this as a possibility, that the world could potentially have been black and white at one time.

This made me realize World War 1 could have started from a sound based world which had not yet had vision – and the incorporation of imagery into the senses.

This made me realize that SETI – which has looked for life based on radio contact, could actually have been an ‘artifact’ of a sound based world, which was looking for ‘other sound/radio based civilizations’

This made me realize that the video games I was playing – could quite possibly all be real, which made the commercial by Microsoft with the characters thanking the gamer that much more interesting.

Which made me realize that ‘multiple realities’ and ‘alternate realities’ were potentially infinite in numbers, as I play a video game making a choice in an alternate reality and a friend playing that same game makes a different choice, each creating ‘branches’ on a tree ‘of time’ that Einstein theorized on 80 years ago.

This made me realize that the constants of the world I am suggest I am either IN a simulation or come from a simulation.

Experimentation in this reality asserting it does NOT appear like I am in a simulation, but a mashup of many realities.

All making me realize.

Fiction is the label given by a dualistically based world.

A label which has worked. And will continue to work.

Once that world understands that computer simulations and holodecks need to fall under the protective ‘arm’ of fictional realms.

After all.

We NEED to know that when we walk into a holodeck.

That we’re guaranteed it’s fiction.

As it stands now.

I think you know it’s not.

The universe in it’s infinite nature needs to quit trapping me.

Because it’s you, the reader, who is the devil and refuses to look in the mirror.

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