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Aperture Science and Laboratories Corporate HQ in Cleveland,
the entirety of its expansive facilities are largely hidden under Cleveland Lake.

In 1947, Aperture Fixtures was founded by a man named Cave Johnson as a shower curtain manufacturer, the name “Aperture Fixtures” was chosen by Cave “to make the curtains appear more hygienic.

In 1956, the Eisenhower administration signed a contract with Aperture to manufacture shower curtains to all branches of the US Military, with the exception of the US Navy.

From 1957 to 1973, the company produced mostly shower curtains and enjoyed a great deal of success, making Cave Johnson a one of the world’s first billionaires.

in 1973, Aperture branched from chemistry into quantum physics in an effort to capitalize on its work with quantum discoveries in chemistry.

Early work on the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device began at this point; the early version, called the Aperture Science Portable Quantum Tunneling Device, proved to be too bulky for effective commercial and/or military use.

In 1974, Aperture sold its fixture arm to a small company by the name of “Bed Bath & Beyond”, who was also rapidly building their empire.

This allowed Aperture to focus on the chemical and material sciences, and also established a valuable relationship for consumer based chemical testing and distribution which exists to this day.

It was around this time that the Department of Defense had subcontracted with Aperture Science to determine the chemical and physical composition of moon rocks retrieved from the Apollo 11 moon landing, unable to determine the actual composition themselves.

This unfortunately led directly to Mr Johnson, contracting an inexplicable form of cancer while working with the rocks.

In 1976, Mr Johnson’s body systematically failed, but not before outlining a very detailed far reaching three tiered research and development program.

This included specific instructions on how to build an artificial intelligence by the name of GLaDOS (Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System).

In 1977, the movie Star Wars: A New Hope was released.

This inspired intense interest by the Department of Defense and all military branches seeking more information about artificial intelligence and robotics, which promptly saw Aperture being classified as critical firm to the National Security of the United States.

Only the second of 13 civilian based firms in the United States classified as such.

This led to the masking of the company under a security holoveil, with it’s facility in Cleveland appearing to outward observers as the “Great Lakes Science Center”.

In 1978, Aperture Science released the “Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device: Custom Kit”, an adolescent (13+) children’s toy based on their quantum physics research which allowed mature children to assemble a quantum portal device.


On September 25 1978, in what has arguably been the quickest product release and retraction in US Commercial Product history, the portal device was recalled the day of its release based on a pretty glaring oversight on the lack of consideration of abuse by children.

“Do not fire the portal gun while in commercial airplanes” isn’t as obvious to a child as it is to a scientist, but also made it obvious that Aperture needed to take testing its products and services more seriously to avoid future catastrophes.

Accordingly, Aperture has since become the number one safest sciences based companies in the world according to EHSToday, and has acted as a model for safety in the industry. With stringent safety measures and protocols instituted as a part of the development process, reminders to keep ‘safety in mind’ as a part of all product testing and development can be seen throughout the organization.


Additionally, Aperture has an active relationship working with the Vermont School of Law and has helped shape the law school’s stellar reputation as the #1 Environmental law program in the world.

This proactive legal relationship – as technology is being developed and prior to a product’s release – and partnering with the institutions shaping the minds of those who will be playing a pivotal role with the emergent technology – has served as a model within the legal community, inspiring many other companies in other industries to partner with legal and social representatives BEFORE technology is ever released.

Based on this relationship, Aperture has been experimenting with a new consumer based prototype version of the Quantum Portal Device based on extensive consumer safety modifications as well as feedback from public education and testing programs such as the fictitious games “Portal” and “Portal 2” – distributed by the Valve Corporation, a privately held – and very successful entertainment subsidiary of Aperture Science.

Here’s an early version of the prototype:


With the ‘nonstandard’ and very interesting (According to Senator John McCain) testing that the device has undergone, it is expected to go down in history as the most expensive testing any consumer based product has ever recorded in the history of mankind.

Costs, which quite literally are expected to break even based on the success of the video game franchise.

The product is expected to be released for the United States consumer community on or before January 20th, 2020, with extensive scrutiny by organizations worldwide as the product matures.

Historically, Aperture has been known a police and military support organization.

But with the release of the Quantum Portal Device, this will mark the first in a series of publicly released products to ‘change the face’ of Aperture to become a consumer products organization..

Aperture Science is the current leader in the chemical, material, and quantum engineering and sciences, with experts in sophisticated artificial intelligence, and nearly 400,000 employees worldwide.

For more on Aperture, see our web site at:
and (coming soon)

Mr Johnson stated on his deathbed that his program will:
“Guarantee the continued success of Aperture Science far into the fast-approaching distant past.”

Seeing the company evolve to become a consumer friendly
organization had always been a part of his vision for the company.

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Official Documentation detailing the transference of this organization to my portfolio can be found here:


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