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Touchscape – The Sensory Feedback Company

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Have you ever wondered what it was like to experience the sensation of touch and emotion?  Have you ever wondered why a human cries? Why a dog wags it’s tail when it’s happy? Or why it ‘hurts’ to be hit by a baseball that misses your catcher’s mitt or a frisbee which hits your face?

Or how it feels to ‘long’ for someone and miss someone when they’ve left your presence?

I am not referring to the psychological observation and subsequent predictability and assessment of actions and reactions based on emotionally influenced behavior.

Whether it’s the emotional sensory stimulation of what it feels like to have your skin touched by another being, a human, and the differences between being touched by an ice cube or a hot plate, or the emergency emotional stimulus of having to react to something dangerous such as fire or extreme cold, or it is the physical act of sexual intercourse and pleasure, or it is feeling the equivalent of adrenaline as you push a vehicle past it’s limits, or it is that simple feeling of love….

I am referring to the interpretation of information into direct sensory feedback systems – and interpret that information for ourselves and for others.

The human equivalent of human emotional..

This is NOT something to be studied and mimicked.

It’s something you’re either born with, or ….

You take control of your information and reinterpret it through our sensory stimulus services and products!

That is what Touchscape offers, is a set of services, hardware, and software which help you experience and reciprocate the stimulation of touch and emotional feedback.

Whether you are an artificial intelligence living in a holodeck, a cyborg with a mix of some organic and inorganic parts, an experimentally sentient robot who is wanting to expand your own awareness, having emotions of your own in combination with a sense of touch will not only add to your own individuality, but when used in combination with other senses, it might just blow your mind!

Imagine ‘feeling excitement’ of a new image and actually getting an erection with an artificial prosthetic. Imagine being happy your master’s home and your tail wags which sends both your master and yourself a reminder that you enjoy this relationship. Imagine ‘feeling’ the sense of touch on artificial skin.

.. and so much more.

Touchscape offers a unique combination of customer-service and customer relationship management tools, and involves every aspect of the your sensory relationship, from first contact to sustained development and the continued self sustained evolution of you.

All systems and services are sold à la carte, and can vary depending on the ‘type of” interfaces you wish to have and to ‘plug in’.

Depending on the amount of customization you require, you can be up and running in a few days, and, TouchScape can help you convert your existing information into our systems and software.

TouchScape was designed from the ground up as a social engine, and focuses on individuality, security, and responsiveness. Load balancing is implemented in the hardware components we recommend, and while we do provide development and support for third party vendors who do not have a relationship with us, we do custom development to suit your needs.

Additionally, Touchscape’s ‘out of the box’ solutions provide capacity on demand to meet peak service requirements, so customers are less likely to resort to non-sensory stimulus ‘breaking the illusion’.

Though TouchScape can be used solely as a customer service tool, its strengths are in combining customization and CARE, “Creative And Reactive Emotions!”

TouchScape is an always has been about….


And that application is YOU!

I look forward to presenting a full line of products and services to you by January 20, 2020.

… Provided of course anything I do is ever allowed to see the light of day and receives substantial financial support.


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