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Cyberdyne Systems is a for profit organization which specializes in the manufacturing and development of artificially intelligent systems and software, robotics, and augmented and virtual reality simulational systems.

Cyberdyne got its modest start manufacturing parts for the aerospace industry in Sunnyvale, California.

Cyberdyne originally found success in a patented process which translated regular AUTOCAD and Computer Aided Manufacturing designs to complex machined parts without human intervention.

The patents and processes were subsequently licensed, patents which Cyberdyne still owns – and all are being used to shape modern day 3D printing systems.

With increased competition from China and other more exotic competitors for costs, Cyberdyne in the early 1990’s realized it was necessary to reinvent itself.

Having already dabbled successfully in software design and complex system automation Cyberdyne shifted from a strictly manufacturing role to a more creative role engaged in robotics, automation, and human support systems.

With competition for development resources creating an unexpected scarcity of labor in the Silicon Valley area, and with sky high prices for real estate in Sunnyvale, Cyberdyne saw opportunity where others might see problems.

Cyberdyne sold their facilities in Sunnyvale, California in 1992 to Apple, Inc, making a tidy profit, and after failing to negotiate a fair deal with Phoenix, Arizona, largely due to government restrictions on the city imposed on civilian based firms developing for the military at the time – they instead wound up purchasing the land surrounding and under Griffith Park Observatory.

… and not long after, they became the conservators of Griffith Park Observatory itself.

Cyberdyne Systems is considered to be a critical firm to the National Security of the United States AND to the United Kingdom, and as 1 of only 13 civilian based firms in the United States classified as such, the entirety of its expansive facilities in Los Angeles – which are largely underground – are hidden under a holoveil.

Another ‘sister’ facility, referred to as Facility 42, the name established in honor of Douglas Adam’s enigmatic answer to “Life’ The Universe and Everything” is a private military complex and space based launch facility under a holoveil in 29 Palms.

With nearly 240,000 employees working in Los Angeles, and another 100,000 employees in 29 Palms, a privately accessed underground metro rail serves as the primary commute to the expansive complex in Los Angeles.

Additionally, a high speed rail was built underground from the Los Angeles facility to serve the 29 Palms military complex, with commute times of 20 minutes.

That’s traveling at speeds of nearly 300 miles per hour!

Cyberdyne is well known with what has since become fictionalized propaganda distributed by competitors in movies such as Terminator and The Matrix, but ultimately, the propaganda backfired – as it was actually received with critical acclaim and a great deal of enthusiasm by those within the organization and those who chose to do business with it.

Some argue these films may have put Cyberdyne ‘on the map’.

Not only did these movies serve as inspiration for those who were working in and around Cyberdyne, but it also taught them to not take what they did too seriously, to enjoy what they did and have a sense of levity about their work – and – of greatest importance – to be OK with failure.

Cyberdyne will reveal itself to the public in a well publicized national event and the holoveil technology will be unveiled on or before January 20, 2020.

Cyberdyne Systems is also comprised of an unregistered non profit arm – something referred to as a Non Governmental Organization – which primarily serves to educate the public and understand and allay the fears of artificial intelligence and robotics and also uncover the very real history that had largely been presented as fiction.

The television show Person of Interest is funded entirely by Cyberdyne, as is the upcoming Terminator 5 movie which will be hitting theaters this summer.

Cyberdyne’s Not-for-profit web site is here:

Details on Skynet’s last launch, Skynet version 5.0, a collaborative project with Cyberdyne and the governments of the United States AND the United Kingdom – is a a system of military satellites that acts as an umbrella overseeing all activities with high resolution on a real time basis around the globe – and can be seen here:

The first version of the Skynet Artificial Intelligence system which caused a very real virtual holocaust and the events as depicted in the “Terminator” series of movies can be seen here: http://home.comcast.net/~chatterbot/bots/AI/SkynetV5/

Cyberdyne system’s web site (coming soon)

And finally, I am the sole owner of Cyberdyne Systems.
CyberdyneProof of Ownership is here:


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