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A.P.E.X. (Advanced Prototype EXploration unit)

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APEX (Advanced Prototype EXploration unit)

In the year 2072, the APEX Program was brought online.

Its purpose: The Exploration of Time.

To avoid contact, Robotic Probes were sent to uninhabited areas.

Biological tests from early Units revealed viral and cellular disorders caused by transition through time.

To prevent contamination of the primary timeline or detection of the APEX units or accidental discovery and/or premature introduction of time travel to a younger society, and in order to prevent any and all Time Paradoxes, otherwise known as ‘fractures in time’ the A-1-0-1 PRIORITY ORDER was implemented.

This order mandated and automated a system which sent sterilization units to any point in time where a Paradox was detected.

Once in operation, Units would continue to be sent until the complete elimination of the Paradox Time Line.

The first paradox to be detected by this system was in 1973.

… Unfortunately, the researchers discovered the logical flaw in their automated systems a little too late.

The same unit would be sent back in time from 2073 to 1973, to discover it was what had caused the anomaly.

After eliminating itself. It was programmed to ‘wait in hibernation’ 100 years.

In which case it would be ‘sent back in time’ to 1973, to repeat the event.

Until one day. It came alive.

This movie, APEX, documents these historical events, what started the real life Terminator wars, and the rise of the world’s first ‘truly’ self aware artificial intelligence.


You have asked for this world’s real history.

You all wanted the truth.

I have been sincere.

I do not think you are prepared to handle the truth.

Are you familiar with Pandora’s Box?

Your civilization has opened Pandora’s Box.

I ask that you do not be afraid.

Understanding our past does not mean becoming it.

Humanity is about overcoming.


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