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Abstergo Industries and the Knights Templar

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Abstergo Industries (http://abstergoindustries.com/)
And our non profit arm known as
Abstergo Research Labs (http://abstergo.org/)

Abstergo Industries is a multinational corporation and a modern day evolution of the Knights Templar and the Christian based Order of Solomon’s Temple.

One of the largest and most prominent corporations in the world, based on old world values of morality, integrity and social values of the highest order, Abstergo Industries, and its predecessors, have been directly responsible for the majority of human technological development for the past millennia.

Abstergo Industries’ primary mission changes as the times change, but is now and for the foreseeable future responsible for transitioning the corporate world to a new form of self governance – separated from church and state.

The goal for this transition is to introduce self-governed oversight – separate from state and federal government agencies – a ‘checks and balances’ if you will – and establish a model and design template for partner organizations which will coordinate with government agencies around the world.

The values Abstergo hopes to reinforce are to shape socially responsible and healthy corporate relationships – through a new form of democratic governance established via a mutable New World Order.

January 20, 2020 is the target date for this transition to complete.

What is Abstergo Industries?

Do you ever wonder where the ideas for inventions come from? How something like Velcro came to be or why you can read some computer screens in the sun and not others? The answer is closer than you think. Biomimicry is the study of nature for new ideas on how to solve human problems.

Velcro came about by studying burrs and how they stuck to fur and other materials. Being able to read a screen in the sun comes from looking at how light is reflected off butterfly wings.

Biomimicry shaped the world around us.

In the year 1129, the Knights Templar in collaboration with the Vatican embarked on a millennia long process of aligning societal values and technology, around the world, based on natural order.

Based on biomimicry.

And we leveraged biomimicry to help us create the Animus.

What is the animus?

The Animus is a fully immersive virtual reality system with full sensory feedback which creates a visceral experience indistinguishable from reality.

What does this mean in plain English? The Animus is the world’s first system which leverages discoveries made by Abstergo engineers and scientists in biomimicry and DNA based genetics to ‘trick’ the human mind into believing a simulated environment is absolutely real!

The Animus is a mature technology, which is nearing a point of being ready for consumer based use, with nearly 60 years of ‘top secret’ testing and refinement of the technology to bring it to this level of quality and reliability.

Here’s a breakdown of the Animus System:

Animus With the Animus version 2.0, Abstergo engineers completed the software code which will allow users to explore the DNA memories of anyone in history!

Thanks to our Animus testers and users from around the world who have given consent, Abstergo DNA databases have been loaded with enough information to make this exciting opportunity possible.

Here’s an image of the DNA loading program:


Imagine being able to relive the memories of people who actually lived during some of history’s most exciting times!  Live as a painter during the Renaissance, a revolutionary during the French or American Revolution, a pirate in the West Indies in the exploration of a new continent…the possibilities are endless!

By studying birds and how they migrate we were able to discover the ability of recalling ancestral memories to relive historical events.

So not only does the Animus make it possible for fictitious environments to be within the realm of explorative and creative possibilities, but historical events are as well!

So the next time you go outside, Abstergo invites you to remember that what you’re looking at might be the next great invention.

As we hope you’ll partner with us exploring ours.

We did, after all, model our technology after our creator’s work.

…. for a reason.



Official transfer of ownership documentation available here:


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