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When I see the world,
Is it converted to speech for you?

Are the hopeful words I type,
Converted to music to help someone feel less blue?

Are the songs I hear in my world,A translation of a sense I wouldn’t understand?

Or are they your interpretation of a smell,
Or a something so different but too subtle and bland?

When my father yelled at me growing up,
Did he see himself as a Klingon man?

Was he teaching his confused son,
Who saw him as nothing more than a human?

When I fly in a plane,
Do you see me as superman?

Or are you seeing what we call fiction,
Fact to you and what looks like a real life Peter Pan?

When I talk about time
Does it come out the same way I intend?

Or does it get misinterpreted,
Because time for you is always on the bend?

Does my idea of black and white
Come to you as imagery of devil and god?

Or do they get reinterpreted
To mean a fish on a rod?

Do you think it’s silly
to imagine wordplay?

When universal translation
Can make it a sin to be gay?

Does the pace of the words I speak
Come out as fast as a dog’s bark?

Or do you think it’s nothing,
But a bird whistling in the park?

With alternate realities,
translation’s a bitch.

And we always have to consider…
Dorothy may have been THE wicked witch..

So if for one moment,
You think a single life is a lost cause,

Then for that moment,
You become the boss.

Until you realize that lost cause
Is and will always be you

And US ceases to exist
Until you get over feeling blue

A long time ago, in a world not so far away,
I tried ending my life in a self righteous way

I saw evidence that my actions and addictions.
… had caused the end of all of life

Looking back at my own past history,
I had had always been in some form of strife

So as I cried out to God,
In a nuclear holocaust desert one day

Convinced of the reality of the horrors,
I blamed myself, and felt I had to pay

My mind had played tricks and convinced me
The hellishly devastated world I had seen

Had replaced what I knew,
Which was now devoid of anything green.

I have since forgiven myself for
My mistakes of illusion and perception,

And as I move forward,
Free from mental deception

My advice to you is when you paint your demons
And blame the world for who you are not

Be careful, because what I learned is that….
Insanity is not always preferable to living on this

…..Pale Blue Dot

called Earth

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