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Are there aliens among us?

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As humans begin to dip their figurative toes into space, I would like to introduce you you to the collaborative design that has been created for the cartographic (mapping) system of space.

A map of ‘known space’ is depicted here (right click to save)


Here’s another stellar map which includes familiar locations such as the galactic center (Sol) and other major territorial domains.


Space is cubically segmented, with a ‘flat plane‘ of adjacent cubes, with width, height, and depth, all laid side by side as if on a table.

A “Sector” is a single cube of space,  with a measurement of 20 light years wide by 20 light years in height, by 20 light years in depth.

“Sector Space” is otherwise known as being ‘within’ a sector.

Here is a third person perspective of a vessel flying through sector space with simulated astrometric gridlines:


A “Sector Block” is a group of sectors blocked together based largely on political boundaries and can consist of any number of Sectors.

For example, the Pelia Sector, is ALSO a Sector block, which serves primarily as a gateway for the fluidically based species known as the Undine.

Conversely, the Sol Star System which contains Earth and the planet Vulcan is said to be within the Vulcan Sector and Sirius Sector Block of space.

A “Quadrant”, sometimes referred to as a Galactic Quadrant, is best thought of as a ‘set of Sector Blocks’. as it has undergone too many physical revisions based on the cartographic source.

What IS consistent about the quadrant’s definition is this: It is a generalization of the classification and relative location of territory. 

So where does Earth relate to all this?

As stated before, referring to the territorial map, Earth is in the Sol System, which is part of the Vulcan Sector, in the Sirius Sector Block.

Humans have had a historical tendency to believe they are the center of existence, so it only makes sense to document the Sun as the origin point (0,0,0) – or the galactic center for cartographic purposes.

The Stardate

With this design, it’s important to note that there is a different time measurement system for space than there is for you based on your local Earth based time.

This ‘time keeping system’ is referred to as a Stardate.

Examples of the relativistic ‘flow’ of Stardate time in correlation to Earth time have been inserted in your ‘fictionalized’ media known as “Star Trek”, and your previous (failed) attempts to understand the correlation have been depicted in an episode of the ‘fictional’ television show “The Sarah Connor Chronicles”

The stardate originates at (0), and is a designation based on the original linearly documented occurrence of the Big Bang.

With relativistic effects, the growth and development of a planet based on its own linear timeline as observed ‘within the timeline’ often defies logic.

The Stardate provides an externally observable means to document the development of a planet and a system to ‘include those who would otherwise turn destructive’ in a way which lets them collaborate and/or compete, and to understand and partner in the development in a relationship similar to how a parent would rear a child..

Due to the effects of relativity, there are no reliable direct methods to convert between the Stardate and Earth Date.

Right now, the Stardate is synchronized with UTC as Earth makes the transition into a space faring civilization.

But this is only temporary.

The current – and ONLY reliable method to obtain the Stardate is here:

Some questions and answers:

Why is it necessary to have a different time system?

Not every space faring civilization hails from Earth, let alone has as consistent a revolution of their planet around their central star.

With trade, politics, and simple socialization and community building, having an agreed on time system which is not favoring any single government and/or territory was crucial to develop.

Perceived neutrality is crucial to Earth’s maturation as it’s space faring civilization evolves.

Why are all sectors on a flat plane?

As they would say in the Earth based game of Poker, this is a ‘tell’ of the formation of the planet and your own civilization.

Some mysteries are there for you and your planet to understand and collaborate on new designs as you explore space and time.

Are there aliens on Earth?

Imagine living for a couple hundred thousand years, as some species do, and the best thing that has happened in eons are reruns of Gilligan’s Island.

Then something – you have no idea what – makes that civilization you’ve cantankerously admired randomly decide to one day begin it’s first ever adventure into space.

It’s the most exciting thing that’s happened since the Dinosaurs came and went.

Of course there’s aliens here.

What kind of silly question is that?

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