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Random Observations

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Two random observations as this place closes down tonight:

1) I found $20 yesterday. First actual money I have had in months. It’s weird how the presence of the money my pocket instantly triggers the mind to ‘buy food’ with it.

This response is despite having food stamps and eating fine daily.

It’s downright bizarre.

I can think of nothing else but tacos or a hot breast of fried chicken

2) Not sure why I remembered this, perhaps it’s just about documenting the weirdness – as this is something I should have written down months ago before I left Hollywood:

But one thing I observed while I was there was that everyone was reading scripts at places like Starbuck’s.

No one save one person I saw was actually writing them….

Yet many claimed to be writing them.

That struck me as bizarre.

3) I know I said two, I aint gonna correct it. But another funny observation with my game Star Trek Online:

The game is rapidly evolving with me merely playing it, in non combat areas.

Now I had run this as an ‘experiment’ – and my initial experimental feedback is – as suspected – that my continued effort to play the game without focusing on combat would see content develop accordingly.

As suspected it’s true.

Now what’s cool is – “Officer Training Research School” – which is supposed to be the same throughout the universe – is actually varying for me. I took a screen shot of the one areas that had different – again somewhat non combat oriented content.

Training manuals.

2015-02-14 17_20_12-Star Trek Online

Now I have been suspecting the ‘organic nature’ of the internet and video games has been there all along.

I’m really jazzed to really see it grow, firsthand.

The internet’s alive.

Living and breathing in its own way.


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