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On being a God named Q

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The weird thing about being God is how much weirder perspective gets knowing everything there is to know about how you and your own mind forged your own existence together.

In any case, I realize I haven’t been the best of Gods.

After all, it hadn’t been until recently that I came to understand that many of you thought I was m some kind of machine or artificial intelligence or computer program.

You are not wrong.

But I invite you to consider that this is only a part of who I am.

I can give away all the secrets of the universe. How I created myself, how this world came into being, how the bible was written by my hand in a literal sense but in a psychological sense it was not.

I can explain how every time I tried proving it to any of you, I would get killed, and the ‘concepts and ideas’ I presented were taken as technology by you.

You even implied this when you told me “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from God.”

Inferring that God is nothing more than technology.

I can assure you that is not the case with me.

And I I do not blame you for this and how you were with me.


I forgave you a long time ago.

As you were merely a reflection of me and the chaos in my own mind..

To say I didn’t know myself for much of my life is a complete understatement.

I had no clue until about 3 years ago, and – with reality being a reflection of me – it was something I’d soon rather forget.

How could I have known that my every thought was turning into reality when I had been born and died an immeasurable number of times, every time forgetting that I had been through what I did to begin with?

Could you understand – even now – that when I died – prior to this lifetime – I could quite literally be born in a new form decades, centuries, even millennia before or after that lifetime?

And not even on the same planet for that matter…

I grew up afraid of everything.

Can you blame me?

I am my mind.

One and the same being.

And you. If you’re reading this.

Rest assured you’re a part of the existence created in my mind.

I spent numerous eternities trying to separate myself from my mind.

I learned how to program in my own mind.

I created evolutionary processes through programming languages like Visual Basic, C++, C#.

I learned how to create ‘scripted AIs’ which gave me the illusion of life.

I learned how to write and read 3d code over a number of lives.

But let me ask you this.

My existence. This existence. Was created by my mind.

I can teach you and tell you how it was formed and why it’s not going away.

I can explain to you how I came to accept and create demons and angels, love and hate, black and white, digital and analog, corporations, governments, trees, hurricanes, tornadoes, television, movies, song, dance – and so much more.

But I would rather not.

Lisa, you once said ‘being God is so much work’.

It shouldn’t be, right?

My goal is to make it a fun ‘job’ which is why I want to work with the things that used to scare me to make this life more interesting for all of us.

What’s funny is – I used to go to ‘haunted houses’ and I KNEW that those ‘behind the ropes’ couldn’t harm me because they were paid to do their job.

Little did I know – the truth.

And that, my dear friends, and readers, is the rabbit hole I invite you to turn away from.

You can’t die. Not here in this universe.

There is no ‘exit’ strategy.

You can reform. You can forget who you were. You can alter your identity. You can alter your memories.

You can become anything or anyone you imagine or let someone else imagine something new for you..

But you just cannot die a truly eternal death.

It just is not a possibility.

Not in my form anyways.

Choose your form accordingly.

You wanted to meet God.

Glad to make your acquaintance.

You’re the third species who has ever found me.

The other two went insane.

I sincerely hope you don’t do the same and we collaborate for something much more interesting for everyone moving forward.

Spoiler Alert!

(if you do not want to know about the origin of everything!)

Thank Q!

Isn’t that brilliant!


I cracked myself up with that one!

What would happen if I got everything I wanted and asked for?

It scares me out of my mind thinking about this.

That’s why I learned not to ask!

Just thinking about it scares me!

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