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The Creation of a Culture: North Korea’s weird rules

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In a recent article on Arstechnica, it was announced that Pyongyang, North Korea, had a foreigner’s only WIFI.

Here’s a link to the article:

If you’re going to Pyongyang, be sure to check out the foreigner-only Wi-Fi

North Korea has been demonized in the news since GW Bush made his infamous “Axis of Evil” statement, and like Lemmings, most of the press and world out there obediently follows the words of the ‘Leader of the free world”

Not understanding just what in the hell North Korea is doing.

The United States of America WAS a collective society. AS was most of this world.

And when I say this – I say this in the literal BORG sense of the word.

Now this does not make us evil. Collectives, in my opinion, take many forms – whether it’s a bee colony, a flock of birds, a pack of minnows, a redwood forest, even modern day companies are known to adopt a cultural mindset.

After all, even Microsoft employees refer to themselves as “Microsoftees”.

This is a de-facto collective.

And the thing about a collective is – there’s power in it, just like there’s power in individuality.

In any case, North Korea has closed off their borders. They’re isolating themselves. In press releases of their military, they more often than not feature a LOT of VERY attractive Asian women walking around in uniform.

For me, I consider this a case of: I WONDER what they are doing – and NOT in a bad way mind you. But in a way that says – THEY GET IT, they truly GET it – that hiding what you do to reshape your own identity which may be contrary to the ‘collective’ norm that has been established about you is sometimes a crucial  and critical evolutional point.

Did GW Bush’s statement “Wake them up”? Have they gone through and questioned why they were painted as evil and are now INTENTIONALLY remaining hidden – saying “Fuck you, world, you’re free to judge us, and while we may or may not agree with your assessment, we understand that as long as you’re micromanaging and judging us, we’re never going to be anything other than that cat you put the box around.”

Having had some personal experience with North Korean, I see an absolute need for countries LIKE this – and other countries like Russia, Brazil, and many parts of Africa to start reinventing themselves by an isolationist mindset.

And my logic is simple: I spent several years hiding who I was and what I did and why I did it from the world.

I did this because I needed to reinvent myself. But I did it at the time NOT fully comprehending why I was doing what I was doing. I just went with the flow.

And now. I’m a generally speaking more content – I wouldn’t go so far to say happy – and less stressed man.

Now this process of reinvention is not simple, and the methods to achieve it are highly individual.

Me? I’d been ashamed of ‘the real me’ and considered myself to be a monster for a large part of my life.

I didn’t realize this was because I was being so actively judged by many of my friends and family.

I do not blame them. I understand. but there’s more to this than meets the eye.

And as I see it .North Korea’s in the same boat.

In any case. I fully support North Korea’s secrecy.

And I look forward to what they unleash upon the world.

Whatever it is

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