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A snapshot in the life of homelessness

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Many years ago, when I would frequent clubs in the downtown Scottsdale area of Arizona, I noticed something:

At certain clubs, there was always a predictable set of women you could count on at being at the club.

I, being a single swinger at the time, made it a fact not to hit on these women, as I would never have luck.

One night. I got into a conversation with one of them.

Fittingly, Candy was her name, I remember, this one girl in particular made no effort at concealing her side gig working as a topless dancer where I had first seen her at Christie’s Cabaret.

She said:

“Oh, there’s a couple of us that most bars and clubs hire for atmosphere. We’re paid under the table, and with that, we’re allowed to drink if someone buys us drinks. They only want us here to make it look like the club is happening

I had been drinking that night, and was feeling a little liquid courage “Do you ever go home with the guys,” I asked her boobs.

“Oh some of the girls do. There’s some guys who do this too and that’s all they are about typically. But most of the girls don’t. I’m going to school to be a cosmetologist and have a boyfriend.”  I remember her saying.

I learned to recognize these ‘paid barflies’, and learned to leverage them if I wanted to get laid.

It’s a well known phenomena that you can ‘boost up’ your property value if you appear desirable to other women. So what I would do early on in the night is find these women who were there for a couple drinks – who weren’t terribly picky about who bought them – and this in turn magnified my ‘image’ in the face of other women.

About 50% of the time it resulted in getting laid in the process.

Definitely worked well for short term relationships. But sustainable relationships – quite the opposite. It was fine at the time.

This was 5+ years ago in the past, mind you, now it’s not my thing.

But it worked like a charm then with some consistency.


DO NOT mistake this for how women treat the homeless man. To a woman, I am treated as if I have leprosy without a cent to my name.

With absolutely predictable consistency, women turn up their noses and don’t even remotely consider the man who does not have money despite how well he takes care of himself.

As women displace men from the workforce. With how women used to stay at home, I wonder if they’ll ever consider the role reversal?

In the last three years, I have been observing similar’ hiring practices around other places – pretty much around the world.

I have noticed that coffee houses such as Starbuck’s are modelling their business practices based on similar practices – and are creating community by welcoming “regulars” – who are invited to stay longer by a very liberal refill policy.

Regulars – particularly those without money – create predictable company and a social atmosphere that invites others to stop by who have money to come spend money. This keeps homeless people like me off the street and wanting to ‘keep clean to fit in’ – and actually feeling like a normal man before I go back to sleep in my tent at night.

The community looks more presentable. Starbuck’s comes out smelling like a rose for this inventive and liberal policy.

Now if only hotels and apartments would ‘get it’ and quit claiming to have contrived scarcity of supply to boost up consumer costs yet empty parking lots which suggest something else is going on.

Yes, there’s a LOT of EMPTY throughout every city I have been to yet not a one has even remotely considered giving the homeless man a break and a shower for a night.

In any case. As a homeless man, I do appreciate the businesses that help me out and make me feel more human rather than the animalistic treatment the typical corporation provides.

Here’s a few companies which regularly treat me and most other homeless people I have observed with pretty consistent respect:
Starbuck’s, Ralph’s Food Stores (they tend to load me up on samples when they learn I am homeless), 99 Cent Store, Subway, Metro and public transportation services, and the local police forces (Everywhere I have been so far they’ve actually been as helpful as humanly possible given their limitations despite an attitude sometimes)

A few people who regularly are awesome (A BIG thank you for being you!):
Nitsa, Jim, Mel, Jeb, and Ray

And a few organizations which suck giant donkey balls:
Goodwill (Who ever heard of a company based on helping people that refuses to even consider helping a homeless man with torn pants? it’s for profit, no matter what way you want to spin it)
Shelters (So police corral the homeless into a cesspool where drugs and alcohol are prevalent, AND THEN they charge you $5 a night? Where is a homeless person going to get money to pay for this?)

No, this journey of homelessness ain’t the easiest in the world.

In any case. In a general sense. There’s SOME hope out there.

But it would be nice to actually have a woman want to touch me without having to ‘pay for it’.

That’s the toughest part about loneliness. Like programmers, who had about 95% of them as males. Homelessness comprises nearly 95% males. And the few females that are homeless – flat out do not take care of themselves or are seriously insane.

What I have learned since being homeless is: There’s a HUGE difference between free thought and free imagination versus insanity. Prior to this, the two had looked very similar. NOW. Wow. There’s a MASSIVE and obvious difference between the two .

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