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Why I want a Terminator war and Borg invasion.

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Last night, I watched the first episode of Doctor Who – released back in 1963.

The show presents an interesting spin for the reason for the invention of fire:

In the episode, The TARDIS – or Time And Relative Dimension In Space – or put more simply – the The Time Traveling Police Box – along with the Doctor and his niece – are accidentally transported back in time to a time of ‘cave dwellers’.

The ‘accident’ occurs due to the insistence by a couple teachers to investigate the niece – who exhibits extraordinary knowledge to her science and history teacher, to explaining that the experiments are childlike and the documented history for the French Revolution was just flat out wrong.

The TARDIS is a Police Box and it’s dimensions are about 1 meter wide x 1 meter deep by about 3 meters tall, but the inside is huge, and documentation I have read has it’s shiplike interior to be as much as you could contain in a sphere that’s half a mile in radius.

Now the teachers – on discovering this – become convinced it’s not real, and absolutely insist the young girl follow them out.

Mind you, they are physically in the vessel looking around and oddly enough they spend the majority of the time squabbling with the young girl insisting what she sees is not real.

As the Doctor AND teachers become belligerently engaged in a squabble, the male teacher starts pressing knobs and buttons catapulting the vessel to the dawn of man.

As the group walks out – they see a world that is much like a desert – and we soon learn that a native tribe is squabbling as one man is rolling a single bone in his hand attempting to ‘create fire like his father did’, and clearly not having any luck in the process.

“The Doctor” – the main protagonist throughout the Doctor Who series – is abducted after being observed lighting his pipe with matches, and the tribe demands that he start a fire for the tribe, thinking somehow he’d created the fire through his fingers alone..

We soon learn that the obsession with fire is – shortly before the Doctor’s arrival, the ‘Orb” which elicited warmth had disappeared.

The sun, quite literally, had disappeared in this story.

And with the number of animals captured and killed for their furs diminishing, the tribe sought other means to keep themselves from freezing to death.

Now what’s interesting about this episode is – the Doctor’s presence correlates directly with the disappearance of the Orb.

In a Doctor Who episode which came quite literally 50 years later – the TARDIS is destroyed and the result appears to be a Star-like object.

Amazingly consistent storyline despite 50 years spanning the story, wouldn’t you say?

Within the episode, I also find it fascinating that the man carried knowledge ‘from his father’ about fire, yet no one else had used it or seen it, and the man’s father was nowhere to be seen….

I am only on episode 2 of 3. I’ll finish the other one tonight.


I have had a theory that the moon is actually a white dwarf star that literally ‘burned out’.

The evidence is simple: all the craters which hit the moon are nearly concentric. This suggests – at one time – a potentially massive amount of gravity to straighten out the approach of incoming objects.

Another theory i have – is that the moon at one point was a ‘sister’ of Earth’s – spiritualists refer to this potentiality as Nibiru, and there are a huge number of variations – in which long ago there was a massive nuclear strike decimating the planet and its atmosphere.

The De Beers diamond cartel currently controls the moon and mines it for diamonds, and to maintain their cartel, they have thrown oodles of money at people – and against people – to stifle competition and to make sure space flight, robotic technology (which they use extensively) and space based technology largely remains the product of science fiction and out of you – the common consumer’s hands.

The enjoy their monopoly, after all.

It’s my theory that history books have become SO deviated from ‘what really happened’ that it’s driven most people absolutely insane trying to find ‘the truth’ in this insane world.

Countries with guns and attack vehicles promote peace and freedom by shooting people who disobey.

Lawyers and the rich prostitute themselves out to the highest bidder and give to charities they just received the money from in an incestuous relationship which never really serves the interest of the people.

This world ain’t working well at all for me.

But truth be said. I’ve been bored for quite some time anyways.

Now what would be cool for me is to hang out and watch a real live Terminator invasion.

Why? Well let’s face it. I’m bored.

Do I really need a reason to want to see this entertainment?

NO I won’t engage in the war or fight anyone. You and I BOTH know what the result of that will be.

But I DO want to explore the innumerable histories of this planet.

And write some new ones myself.

At the end of our journey together, we will rebuild the things we tore down putting our flair on it, then I suspect we’ll hand it off to the next generation.

Yep. We may be in a time loop.

But is there any real way to know?

I like the idea of telling stories for the other beings who haven’t had their stories told. AS THEY appear to me on the screen.

Why do I want a Borg invasion and Terminator war?

For the entertainment, of course!\

That and I want to play the bad guy for a change.


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