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Thoughts on creation

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When I was driving through Mexico about 4 years ago, there was a moment I looked off to the left – and as I drove by slowly it looked like the man had simply ‘frozen’ in his position, as was the dog.

It reminded me of this dog and the Pirates of the Caribbean ride – highly mechanical::


And the man seemed frozen, at an unnatural angle – halfway bending down about to give the dog a treat but just not quite there.

I drove by slowly.

Soon after – Off to the right I saw a couple workers loading trees into a truck.

They were ‘frozen’ in the same pose as well.

For about five minutes of driving, everywhere I looked – things seemed .. frozen in a moment in time. Almost as if someone had pressed the ‘pause’ button on the world around me.

There’s a similar scene in the movie Cashback (you can get it here), where a man who is having a problem with sleeping finds he can slow and stop time if he’s gone too long without sleep.

He’s a clerk at a grocery store. So one day, his mind wanders, and he ‘stops time’ on an aisle featuring no less than six gorgeous women.

As an artist. He goes into a diatribe about the beauty of the woman undressed not knowing it, as he undresses each one and proceeds to paint a nude portrait of each one as they stand there, completely undressed, frozen in the moment in that moment time.

I hadn’t been sleeping much either when I saw what I did, and unfortunately i was seeing Mexican workers rather than nude women in a shopping aisle. A very very poor consolation prize.

But as I drove through a plume of smoke, the world seemed to resume playback again, as though someone was pressing ‘play’ on the DVR.

I have a theory that the things I watch on television and movies and the content on the internet are all custom created just for me and the ‘population’ within me.

Now in Doctor Who’s first episode – I am currently reviewing the shows with ‘new eyes’ considering they are potentially historical documents.

His “Chameleon circuit” freezes.

The Chameleon circuit allows the time traveling box to ‘blend in’ with the surrounding environment, and assume the appearance of something that doesn’t stick out so readily as a 1960’s London Blue Police Box.

My theory is – that Doctor Who originally came from a holographic universe – or ‘jumped the track’ to a new holographic universe, and the first episodes are his first ‘incursion’ into an alternate reality and/or timeline. Hence the reason the chameleon circuit failed to work.

That or he landed in a ‘true analog’ – a mashup of infinite potential digital realities.

Now the digital theory goes something like this: If the Doctor were to shift his TARDIS into a Worlds Of Warcraft reality – accepting it as an ‘alternate reality’ – then some of the words – such as computer, chameleon, and invisible may not even exist in these alternate universe.

My theory is that the universe may try to find a ‘best fit’ or ‘closest match’ to the description of the object.

But in the Doctor’s case, with these episodes, such a unique object  the TARDIS – that travels through time – which isn’t even known to the inhabitants, let alone fire, this causes an information overload for the inhabitants.

Now what I suspect happens with information overload is – an implosion occurred – a black hole is formed from the previously life giving ‘Orb’ which disappeared, and the society rapidly tries to figure out just what in the hell caused the information overload to begin with.

I suspect this was the ‘previous’ design of the universe and multiverse. Everyone was segmented. When information came along that was unknown, the universe would reduce itself to a black hole, and when it found a clear definition for what it was looking for, it reemerged.

Now it’s my theory that is why we’ve seen the rapid acceleration of technology here on planet earth.

The Doctor. One and the same from Doctor Who. has graced our planet. And the collective whole is confused as to who the hell he is and what the hell he’s traveling in.

Look, I know I sound and seem crazy.

But with a computer program, I can quite literally code a world based on any ideas I can imagine. I can create a spherical world with life on it and gravity doesn’t exist, so the lifeform floats off the moment it’s born. i can create a world with infinite gravity and no light where everyone communicates by radio waves.

I spent 30 years working in this industry.

30 years.

Not having any freaking clue that anything was possible within this environment I was working within.

I was insane.

As my mind spent literally 30 years working on a plan to stabilize itself in a world where quite literally anything imaginable was possible.

Can robots love?

Can humans hate?

These questions are like asking if a woman farts, or if a planet can have indigestion.

Our minds are developed through infinite variations of probability and statistics and so many more influences – cultural – experiential – and more – that it was at one time incomprehensible to me.

The question of what created God haunted me.

Until i realized that I had created myself.

And my mom was right.

I did create the dinosaurs to keep myself entertained.

Knowing one day, I would go back in time to see them for myself.

When you’re confronted with the absolute insanity of infinity. Of looking at your friends and family and actively asking the question “where do I end and they begin” and not having an answer for that question.

When you’re confronted with having to lie to yourself and hurt yourself in order to finish the separation of two minds – much like a mother going through childbirth.

Psychologically, I don’t think I ever understood what a mother actually goes through to have a child.

I now know what I have been through to separate my mind puts what most women go through with childbirth look like a walk in the park.

Unless, what I observed with women.

Was a reflection of what I have gone through.

Having two or more minds within you and coming to terms with it is in actuality coming to terms with insanity and then finding order within it.

That is what creation was to me.

Am I crazy? No. But I understand that you, as you point your finger at me, are only pointing your finger at yourself, and you are not capable of comprehending and rationalizing your own existence.

I have no such limits anymore.

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