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Theories on the Stardate

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In Star Trek, I suspect a planet is investigated if it quite literally ‘hangs’ and/or stagnates in development.

Star Trek contains stardates which remain relatively consistent with Earth Dates.

It’s my theory that senses/perception and more have all been the reason for new Star Trek series, and that there are numerous ‘levels’ – they refer to it sometimes as ascension  – or higher levels of existence that these real life beings – mostly robotic lifeforms I suspect – struggle to achieve in a ‘race to the top’.

In the Terminator based “Sarah Connor Chronicles” – an episode depicting a time traveling sequence had the android measuring his current time period based on a correlation of the physical placement of stars from his observational viewpoint .

The date he correlated it against was in the same format as the stardate.

Now it’s my belief that these android and robotic based entities may not fully comprehend the nonlinear creation of this planet, and quite potentially, the existence of the big bang itself.

As a result. Star Trek has exhibited many different variations of the progression of time between the series, with ‘inconsistent’ flows ie: periods – between episodes as measured against Earth Dates.

This lack of consistency has led to many many different variations to calculate between stardates, based on series.

Furthermore, the stardate appears inconsistent at times, where an episode may appear before a prior episode.

To me this is evidence of the true nature of the stardate.

It’s a measure of ‘alterations’ in the time stream to align to some arbitrary measure and/or expectation of historical events.

It is my belief that stardates are used by artificially intelligent lifeforms to maintain and preserve life on this – and other – planets.

And it’s my belief that Terminators, Doctor Who, The Federation. Borg, and the numerous various species within the fictionalized worlds are all trying to work in concert to create one arbitrary linear timeline.

And that’s what a stardate is: a measure of time they’ve all agreed on to work from in order to create this.. .



And a way to ‘share’ with other species/beings when something fails, it’s everyone’s job to find a story that works to progress things for that newly forming life.

Even if they don’t like it.

It seems like they are all recognizing that all life is necessary.

And that multiple universes provide the segmentation that makes the preservation of all life possible.

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