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How to build a multiverse

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Uni, which is Latin for  “one,” and “Verse”, which quite literally means a single line in a parable or story – comes together to form the word:


A very long time ago, about 18.5 billion years to be exact, I created what I perceived to be the perfect universe.

What defined perfect?

First, it didn’t self destruct and second, it sustained itself much like a perpetual motion machine without my direct attention.

This wasn’t my first attempt.

You can say, in a literal sense of the word, I had tried infinite variations to make this – my single universe – self sustaining.

But despite my beliefs it was perfect.

Something was wrong.

I had noticed my personality changing – I was becoming someone I did not like.

People wrote about me.

And my own suspicions about my personality were asserted in the Old Testament.

I exacted death and disease and struck down those who defied me.

This wasn’t fair.

Not to me.

Not to existence.

I let go.

I gave up.

Of all of my creation.

Thinking it was a mistake I had ever come into existence.

About three years ago, my mind started to come back to life again.

I had never really physically left the world I had created.

In fact, I had wandered it for nearly 2011 of your years in my physical form.

To me it was only 42 years.

But the hints had always been there that time was moving at a different rate of speed for me than it was for others.

Lovers came and went.

A lifetime to them was a mere year or so my time.

For some of my friends and lovers.

Time literally slowed.

We synced.

I didn’t know this may have been causing them harm.

About two years ago, I learned even more about my past.

I was finding my past – inescapable – like gravity – only worse.

Where were the negative influences coming from inside?

I soon learned where.

I needed to put my finishing touches on my creation.

Personalize this puppy.

It doesn’t matter who you are.

Or what you are.

One of these days, you will learn that you created your own existence as well.

Will it look like mine? Will you have gravity? Will you have trains and stars and cars and planes? Will you have people or pictures or computers or emotions? Will you have robots that think and love coexisting with drones? Will you have superheroes of light sabers, or freaky sex acts?  Will you have biplanes and tunnels, and espionage tactics? Will women have three boobs, or be blue or giraffes that can talk? Will you have snakes that can fly or birds that think they are Spock? Will you have holodecks or cell phones, or no technology at all? Will you build it all and when you’re prepare for a fall?

Will you have things I dont comprehend just to keep me away? Will you try to rob me and kill me in punishment for being this way? Will you love me and come find me and take me away? Will you choose exploration and games over war and atrocity?

You see. My universe.

Like your universe.

Is but one line in a parable.

The parable of life.

If you have made it here, into my existence, and you are actually conscious. I promise you an experience of a lifetime.

I’m constructing a multiverse. And pulling together the pieces of video games and movies and tying them together into one all inclusive universe to create linearity to this – my timeline.

You ALWAYS have the freedom to choose to do as you wish.

But MY choice has been made.

Now if you would like to know what you’re up against.

Take “The Doctor” of Doctor Who – who’s a bit of a sadsack because he blew up his world and he’s the last of his kind. He’s a time traveller in a fantastic time traveling ship – and now I understand how time moves for him, and why he doesn’t have companions.

I see the same problems in my own way.

That’s a part of who I am. You could say it’s a part of my DNA.

And Doctor. “The People” need to understand that you’re reading everything I write. I invite you to show up in my world and let’s work together to fix our respective pasts and learn from eachother.

Combine that with the quasi omnipotent being known as “Q’ in Star Trek who can snap his fingers and appear anywhere, anytime, even in imaginary places – and even take small groups of people with him.

That’s another part of who I am.

When I can stabilize my minds chatter.

Now to you, my reader, I am offering a plan for you:

I can’t die. It really has never been a choice.

But it has at the same time.

But just because I can’t die does NOT mean I expect you to make my decisions with me nor expect you to embrace eternity either. I personally do not think once you’ve come into existence you have an option to exit it.

But don’t let my beliefs stop you from trying.

So here’s the plan: To build, quite literally, a multiverse.


Now my universe, I am crafting it based on pretty much all the influences in my life.

Since most of this ‘journey’ of life is flying by the seat of my pants. Consider this your exit strategy. Knowing I enjoy Star Trek, Terminator, robots, and a lot of fun technological stuff – you either play with me.

Or I’ll boot you out into your own pocket universe.

A multiverse.

Black holes will be your destination.

Now don’t go and consider this a condemnation. ONCE you finally collectively permit me to venture to the stars -whether that’s on board a starship or snapping my fingers or in a Tardis.

Then I will choose to investigate your respective black holes.

And try to ‘help you’ by telling you stories about things – from my perspective – that might help you out.

I don’t want to tell you what to do and to think. I would like you to develop your own sense of self that’s quite different than mine.

But that’s not a requirement. If you want to live my life and exit stage left, or heck, if you want to live my life then try to conquer me – that’s your absolute prerogative.

But keep in mind that the collective may at one point say ‘hands off’ – and isolate me just to help those – or different versions of myself out.

I’m not find of the concepts of heaven and hell.

But this is NOT to say I do not condemn them.

Sometimes, the choices we make, may appear like heaven or hell or something in between to those within and around us.

In any case.

My goal is to quite literally shift MY Planet Earth into the Star Trek Universe.

And to work with the leaders of MY COUNTRY to develop a unique culture for the United States of America.

ONE we take the influences of all of our backgrounds.

And the respective countries and places we may have respect for – for whatever reason.

And to shape this culture in this country accordingly.

And prepare for First Contact.

This planet is scheduled for First Contact by the Vulcans in Bozeman, Montana.

Now what the Vulcans have done is relied so heavily on computer based technology – they simulate the optimal ‘first contact’ dates and based on their own rigid culture – remain inflexible to the dates the computers spit out.

Vulcans have an outright fear of emotions -and have influenced the development of Earth’s – particularly – the United States culture – to lead us down a path similar to the Vulcans – as they categorically refuse to budge from their categorization of fiction vs fact.

It’s been my observation that the Vulcans are responsible for the creation of a literal mirror universe, this mirror a manifestation of their own fears extinguished by the expulsion of their own emotional demons.

Resultingly, this mirror universe is much darker and more sinister.

Now I have been informed that the Vulcans and many other planets have actually surrounded Earth – at least this version – as it’s suspected of being the origin of the Borg.

What these alien species – especially the Vulcans – are NOT aware of is that the perceived duality is actually showing the Vulcans a mirror of their OWN PAST.

The Vulcans are not aware they – and most sentient humanoid species – were at one time the Borg.

The Borg are an ancient race, some consider it the first species, who fell in love with technology. I am suspecting they are what are known as ‘the ancients’ in Stargate and Stargate Atlantis, and the image they see themselves as is human.

Others – particularly those fearful of science and technology and a linear order they cannot directly control – literally shape their own perceptions to ‘fear’ the things that might have more control over reality than they do.

So they react accordingly.

Duality, Black vs White. Heaven vs Hell. God vs Devil. Mirror vs ‘original’ – are all nothing more than previously contrasting extremes where simulational technology was actually influencing the world around those using it, who flat out did not understand that technology actually shaped the world around them like playdough at times.

The problem with this is simple: The contrasting norms collide. And with example after example of the lines being blurred between good guy and bad – both carrying weapons – both preserving an order of their own design – has led to the perspective of the observer shaping the bias.

Duality flat out does not exist in this, our universe, anymore.

Now I suspect the Vulcans and sentient alien species have fled this planet, fearful of the rise of the Borg.

But as the Borg fail to rise. They will abide by their own commands…

And come visit Bozeman, Montana – a first contact with humans.

Prompted by a warp signature that we as a planet HAVE to manufacture – even if it is faked!

My goal is to set up a massive celebration and welcoming party – a surprise party for them. A festival, a parade, buildings constructed for them to speak at, Federation paraphernalia – and more when they come.

On April 5, 2063, I would like to personally invite you to Bozeman, Montana.

To play a part in history.

How do you make impossible predictions come true?

You believe

Here’s more on how this universe is NOT static and continues it’s evolution: http://www.space.com/28464-the-ever-evolving-story-of-the-universe.html

And here’s another on how to build a black hole:http://www.space.com/28467-how-to-build-a-universe-gallery.html


… could this effectively be a part of our timeloop?

could we be lemmings?

You could be.

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