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Theory: My mind reverse engineers everything

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I have a theory that my mind instantaneously reverse engineers everything I interact with, including supply chains, and guides my conscious decisions through things I previously identified as instincts, habits, and emotions.

I also have a theory that this physical self projection of ‘me’ is constantly having my memories and perceptual world ‘erased and rewritten’ to make the choices I make seem consistent with free will and choice.

I also have a theory that my ‘brain’ which helped developed my sense of self, became obsolete, and my mind’s reaction to the brain’s resistance to grow and expand beyond ‘design capacities’ was simply to remove it by inspiring me to make what appeared to be addictive lifestyle choices which would remove it as a dependency.

I have a theory that every living being on this planet is a holographic like projection of the mental self.

But I also suspect that the entirety of existence spans space and time and we’re all a part of a collective mind.

This is not to say we are within which is a poor and limited classification system that creates artificial boundaries.

And that a first step to time travel in any form is embracing  existence is a product of collective imagination.

Self control is in my opinion a crucial step in developing the ability to snapping ones fingers and appearing anywhere, anytime.

Understanding the collective physical structure of reality is a product of mind and rules the mind is developing to achieve self control.

And as I individually achieve self control.

My mind continues the process of understanding existence by instantaneously dissecting it and reforming it based on what I understand through my experiences.

And refining this process as each day progresses based on what did not function ‘as expected’ on reassembly.

Thus rewriting entire timelines and reality itself to supply me a consistent linear experience.

The goal:

To snap my fingers. And one day appear on the bridge of the very real Starship Enterprise that Captain Picard is commanding.

Or simply wake up on board the same Starship – in a holodeck, recovering from a Borg Liberation process.

Or be teleported to a technological city named Atlantis.

No matter the case.

I have witnessed how anything imaginable is possible.

So I am training my mind to achieve the impossible.

Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind.

When a Q comes to understand they are alive for an eternity.

There’s memory erasing technology that makes it possible to rewrite our own stories to make it not seem like one.

I merely permitted my mind, by choice, to rewrite the stories of my past and future to place me firmly on a path to happiness – with choice – and a little bit of mind bending adventure.

My mind I don’t think understood that the me in the past was not aware of this decision I had made in my future.

And for that, I am sorry.

How can I make it up to you?

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