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Temporal Relativity 101

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When jumping between alternate realities, one thing to keep in mind is the simple relativity of time.

An alternate reality happens at a different point in space and time AFTER the big bang.

If one were an outside observer observing the speed of light just after the big bang, one would notice that the speed of light has increased, dramatically, and that the universe exhibits clear indications of expansionism..

However if that SAME observer were monitoring the speed of light WITHIN the big bang, that observer would NOT see any variation in the speed of light.

This is what shapes and molds individualized perception.

I’ll put that comment into perspective.

If you were observing a dollhouse you just constructed where the dolls were two inches tall, to you, the dollhouse itself is half a meter in length.

But let’s say – to your surprise – a doll springs to life.

And that doll tells another doll to use a measuring tape that’s one meter in length.

To the doll – in computers – the meter is said to be ‘scaled’ relative to the respective size of the doll.

This provides relative uniformity of scale.

The same thing can be said about the time and the speeds of light.

If you’re IN an event frozen in time just moments after the big bang – and then replay that event within the big bang – a second ticking by is not going to be any different than a second you may observe on your own watch…..

But if you were to remove yourself from the system – and watch the system from the outside, what you’ll find is that second relative to your time NOW is a fraction of one of your seconds.

That is – the function of time in a linear sense – depending on where you observationally are – can be very different based on the same simple perspective demonstrated with the dollhouse.

Now if the doll in the dollhouse never knew there were different definitions for meter.

This was the reason Einstein presented his equations for E=mc^2.

It was nothing more than a statement saying –

Hey dummies. You can try to differentiate your systems by calling a pound a pound and a kilo a kilo all you want.

But when you don’t take into account light and time in those equations and your measurements when moving between systems

You’ll invariably collapse the big bang.

Shit happens, right?

And them there are my observations on a fundamental issue with this reality you’re trying to construct and that I would LIKE to play a part in!

Case in point: move mass between France and Asia and try to maintain balance between these systems.

Now do you know where the relative point in the Big Bang that Asia and France are? If so, then how can you hope to have a valid conversion between different mass based systems when you aren’t taking into account conversion errors with light, gravity, and time based on basic physics equation like e=mc^2, w=mg and f=ma?

just curious….

I’ll put it more simply:

How can you move things between different points in space and time – that is – create ‘warp engines’ – if you’re not taking into account the variables of space and time?

Reductionism to basic form sans time ain’t gonna fix it.

And with so many lifeforms out there, you aren’t gonna break physics laws to suit your needs.

Not directly, anyways!

– Q

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