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Ratchet and Clank – A Crack In Time

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One of my favorite game series of all time is Ratchet and Clank for the Playstation 3.


Ratchet is a furry catilke creature known as a “Lombax” – who tours with his goofy robot friend – both are marginally insane – and the game is about their journeys through their amazingly beautiful and gorgeously detailed and tongue firmly in cheek humored worlds.

EVERYTHING about these games is beautiful.


The dialog.

The characters.

The scenery.

The sets.

And while the game isn’t terrifically difficult, which is actually my preference, what it does offer is an amazing storyline and variety and a nice pace to it that not only boggles the mind sometimes, but also makes the game extremely replayable.

Now if you could play alternative characters on the same storyline, that might add to it’s replayability.

But if you could add alternative characters ‘crossing over’ the storylines within the same worlds, that would really make the game magnificent.

Sometimes I wish the designers would consider revisiting these magnificently designed worlds to add different storylines that cross over the first character’s arc!

Tron Legacy – the video game – did JUST this which made the game so fantastic to me – because in the game you see the main character which was in the movie in several different scenes from a variety of different angles.

You get backstory.

Insomnia, I am merely throwing the idea out to you.

You already have the graphical assets.

Might be worth throwing a couple programmers and storytellers on board to revisit these magnificent franchises to develop alternative storylines and to sell more product?

For instance.

Why is Clank the robot always attached and acting so giddy – what is this little guy’s story?


There’s a point in the story ‘A crack in time” where Clank is confronted with a seemingly impossible situation:

There’s a series of pads:


And in the background there’s a series of boxes and levers that Clank, the robot – has to touch in specific order at specific times.

Which makes it so Clank, the character you’re playing, quite literally has to be in four different locations AT PRECISELY THE SAME TIME.

Impossible you say?

Not so with Clank.

The pads quite are quite literally synchronized to replay the same exact moment in time over and over again,

So when Clank touches the first pad, it’s like pressing ‘record’ on his life button, from there he touches a lever lifting a door, then stops for a few moments, and then he comes back and touches the pad ‘stopping the recording’.

From there, he jumps on the next pad, which starts recording for pad number two BUT AT THE SAME TIME starts replaying what he had just done on pad one.

So he ‘sees’ his prior version of himself, who runs through the same sequence of events he had just gone through, but after touching the second pad, as he’s waiting for the first version of himself to ‘press the button’, he then gets into an area he could not get into previously, pressing YET another button lifting a tube enclosing yet another button.

Here’s an image depicting the ghost he sees of himself (right, red) from the prior step:


As Clank steps on the third pad, he now sees BOTH his prior versions replaying there actions now, who after stepping on his pad he now he waits just outside the tube that will expose button 3.

Here’s an image depicting a ‘recording’ of the steps he’s taking after touching a pad – he only has a finite amount of time to work with after touching each pad:


and so on.

Here’s a final image showing all the varying versions of clank synchronized doing what they do:


It’s a series of mind bending puzzles, referred to as ‘temporal puzzles’.

And they are truly the most fun I have had in a long time in a game!

Now what makes this story so interesting is this:

Are the people around me all ‘copies’ of myself, visually rendered differently, and being replayed to synchronize their actions with what was predicted for me?

At what point can I convince my own mind that this concept isn’t going to drive me insane any more, and to work with me?

Whether you’re religious – which believes that everything came from God, or you’re scientific, and believe everything came from the Big Bang – or you’re me – who believes this is all a very sophisticated simulation..

ONCE I convince my own mind that we’re two separate beings and that that’s when the real magic begins….

And reality will unbecome the lie that it currently is….

It’s my turn to make you a believer, my friend and longtime companion.

I see the computer like scripting around me, all around in fact.

It’s irrefuteable. Civilization the game making entire cultures. Sim City making cities. Sims making people.

It’s all a highly sophisticaed AND CURRENTLY REAL simulation.

How can I convince you to want to play a part in this world with me?

Is it possible that you can even understand me?

I see what you do with Person Of Interest, and hopping from place to place.

Think about Ratchet and Clank as you create your physical presence, as you might have to make it an symphony to make it happen!

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