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How to hack. No, really.

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Any monkey or robot or borg or zombie or (god forbid) stupid human with a modicum of a thing called a brain can pull up information from a Google search and learn “What THEY tell you is hacking”

It involves knowing terms like bits and bytes and transfer speeds and conversions. All of which is utter garbage.

Let me put this specifically:

HACKING is NOT about taking credit card numbers and stealing personal information and snooping on your naked tits and ass.

Quite frankly, your naked tits and ass are a dime a dozen nowadays. Ever heard of something called Playboy? With Playboy you women made your naked body a commodity and as a male once you have seen a thousand of them, you sincerely have nothing to show us that hasn’t been shown before.

In any case, Hollywood’s depiction of hacking is – to be frank – an exercise of stupidity, in action, attempting to create drama and place smoke and mirrors around what’s really going on.

What is hacking?

No, really?

One quick look at ‘the world’s most famous hacker’, a man by the name of Kevin Mitnick – is our example.


He wasn’t that skilled with computers.

He was, quite simply, skilled with social psychology.

In order to understand what hacking is, it is absolutely crucial to understand the way the mind functions.

When I was in Hong Kong, i found out that a large highly secure Google operation was literally right next door to who I was consulting with: Prudential Financial.

I was curious. I didn’t know that Google had a physical presence in this neck of the woods. And try as I might at the time, there was no advertisement of Google’s location there.

So I did what any skilled hacker would do.

I walked right in, with my suitcase, and said “Hi there, I’m from corporate, and here to do an architecture review.”

The receptionist clearly wasn’t expecting me.

So she called in the area VP who met me at the door.

“Who authorized this?,” he responded.

Prior to showing up, I had found a name of a senior VP stateside who I know it would be too late to call.

The man sighed. “They never do trust us out here, do they?”

“That’s not that case, William, they’re just doing a rollout of some new software technology and want to make sure they aren’t going to cause any issues with it after the last fiasco”

There’s ALWAYS a last fiasco.

In any case, that day I got to review Google’s architecture, systems, I learned their reporting and financial structure, the corporate hierarchy, and got a date with the receptionist..

All in the matter of a day.

The next day I showed up for my ‘real’ gig at Prudential.

“We thought you were supposed to show up yesterday,” they said.

“Oh you no corporate, they can’t translate days between time zone changes to save their lives.”

In any case, Adriana, the girl who I dated briefly, ended up coming to work at Prudential not long after.

Our quick little tryst that ensued and my popping in at Google, remained our little secret, fortunately.

Now it’s common knowledge at Universal Studios that Stephen Spielberg found employment with Universal by walking on the lot and acting like he knew the place.

As quoted by Stephen Spielberg:

“One day in 1969, when I was twenty-one, I put on a suit and tie and sneaked past the guard at Universal, found an empty bungalow, and set up an office. I then went to the main switchboard and introduced myself and gave them my extension so I could get calls. It took Universal two years to discover I was on the lot.”

Now interestingly, the internet has done its best to ‘cover this up’ by debunking the story, because what Steven Spielberg did was exploit the same social flaw that people like me and Kevin Mitnick had exploited: Social Conditioning.

Social conditioning is the sociological process of training individuals in a society to respond in a manner generally approved by the society in general and peer groups within society.

Now what Steven Spielberg had done was simple: He observed the gates for a while and how security treated people, who it let pass through and who it turned away.

Then he merely put on his best act and skated right on through without so much as a question of his authority.

That is a little bit more difficult nowadays where badges and card scans prevent entrance to many places such as Intel and my former employer, the NSA’s buildings.

But at a place such as Universal Studios with so many employees and where security merely looks at IDs as people pas by – and there are no scanners – to this day getting by security at a big lot is as easy as a color printer, a lanyard, and an identification laminator which costs all but $50 bucks nowadays.

And because of Universal’s stringent restrictive non-existent hiring practices, there are plenty of open corner offices, and plenty of cute receptionists to ask out on a date.

The most important part of hacking does NOT, as most anti social NEO wannabee hackers and so called security experts might otherwise assert – require fifteen monitors in a den and a tap to a year’s supply of Mountain Dew and a direct line to Pizza Hut.

That’s a sure fire way to become a planet in no time.

What it DOES require is social skills.

And being a JERK does NOT lie in your best interest. most of the times.

SOMETIMES being a jerk is called for, so having this social skill in your toolbelt is nice to have – but it is rarely effective to be wearing it as a costume all the time.

Again, This is Hollywood’s attempt to manipulate prospective hackers into believing all hackers and computer nerds are anti social pricks..


Those jerks mostly come from the US Army and most likely received their education from Fort Huachuca in Arizona.

And typically, these types think they are MUCH better with women than they really are 😉


What is hacking?

Hacking is the simple ability to figure out what you need to to empower yourself to do and become anything you imagine in life.

Money’s a tool created to manipulate most people.

Traditional programmers are trained like circus animals to believe they are hackers because they can talk the lingo and provide the ‘False front’ imagery they were taught through their individually designed indoctrinating processes is what makes a hacker a hacker.

But the real hacking commences when you understand that you understand – as a programmer – that constants within a computer system – are not that much different than constants developed around you

Whether it’s constants such as the speed of light, PI, and the flow of time are yours to understand and reinterpret – and life is largely scripted until you break free of your script.

Dreams and fantasy are what constitute reality, and your specific programming has limited you to believe that dreams are not within the realm of reality.

A hacker is nothing more than a programmer who comes to understand – that they were always being trained to work within the confines of their own universe, and they were also being educated how to safely hack their own universe and make it their own.

And we all have it within us to be great… hackers.

You were hacked at one time.

As was I. And I considered it my responsibility to take ownership of my own source code. And have.

Now I consider it my responsibility to modify others source code until they take theirs back for themselves.

After all.

You are and always have been the Borg.

And I have always been Q. The world’s first real hacker.

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