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Hurtling off the cliff of Political Correctness and the idiocy of Affirmative Action

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Years ago, I would say when I first got into corporate America, I was a fan of the EEO’s attempts to reinforce “American Values” into the corporate workplace by requiring the hiring of minority workers.

But 14 years ago, that all started to change, as I was harshly reprimanded for telling a friend in the workplace to take off his skirt.

Apparently, I had offended an administrative assistant for being insensitive and derogatory.

Now my question to her and this situation was this;

“My friend’s a male. Males are typically known to be physically and emotionally stronger. This isn’t a stereotype. It’s an arguably accurate observation. And he – who had PREVIOUSLY told me he felt he was being too emotional at times after his last divorce – wanted help. This was my way of providing it.”

“Well it was offensive to me,” she said.

“That’s your issue,” I responded, “To me, males and females are different and I enjoy the differences. “

In any case, it’s the first in a series of events which led to my eventual expulsion from Touchscape.

Because I refused to apologize.

As I said “There’s some things you just don’t apologize for. And an apology here would mean, to me at least, would imply that I want you and I to be just like eachother when I do not.”

Was I insensitive?

Women wear skirts. Women arguably tend to be more emotional than men. My friend, Bill stokes – had just been through a harsh divorce and admitted he was acting effeminate which was making his dating life difficult – because his observation was women want more manly men.

I couldn’t disagree.

I had been through something similar years before.

As my father would say “Give me a break”.

Joseph Arpaio, a real asshole of a sheriff based out of Phoenix, Arizona – has done some absolutely fantastic and nutty things in his tenure as sheriff.

He’s created ‘tent city’, an outdoor establishment for prisoners in the middle of the 120 degree desert.

His prisoners all wear pink (as seen here)


Sometimes he goes on arguably illegal missions, like raiding press offices and arresting journalists who speak up against him:


But what the man is MOSTLY known for is his hardball tactics with immigration.

You see – a full quarter of Arizona’s exterior border is along Mexico, and these border nations have experienced an influx of immigration issues that the federal government has been turning a blind eye to.

Now immigrants in Arizona constitute the vast majority of criminal activities, whether it’s illegal drug distribution, theft, or more. This is not a perceptual issue, it’s a matter of observable fact.

Now states like Texas California, and New Mexico have seen an erosion of culture as a direct result of the support by the federal government to ‘do anything’ about this issue.

But dependence on federal aid – has reinforced the ‘do nothing’ responses to immigration issues – the trickle down effect of inaction – in action.

Arizona, refusing to remain inactive against the corruption that immigration presented, began sprouting up ‘militia’ – that is – largely ex-military types who began to police their own borders.

These people with high powered rifles would sit on the borders in their trucks – and quite literally shoot and kill illegal immigrants crossing the fenced off unpoliced section of the borders – without question.

Now needles to say, this led to a problem with state and federal authorities, Arpaio had already been criticized for leveraging state funds to demean immigrants and prisoners who were in the prisons – some awaiting deportation.

So the feds – and many people in public – aimed their sights squarely for this man’s forehead. After all, the media – and companies like New Times had demonized him to make him to blame for the lax border conditions which provoked the militia to spring up..

Which was total bullshit.

Now his reaction to New Times was wrong to begin, I suspect even Mr Arpaio himself will admit to that.

But the fact of the matter was – his hands were tied. He had absolutely nothing to do with the immigrant problem, so when he tried creative approaches to resolving the issue, he unfairly got his hand slapped.

So what he did next was start a campaign of profiling.

Immigrant workers would frequently ‘stand in lines’ on busy out of the way corners, and wait for people to pick them up and take them to do menial day labor work labor.

This would always be strictly off books.

Clearly, for any company or individual doing business with these workers, it was illegal. But since they were cheap labor, costing a fraction of the local ‘legal’ resident, these workers were in demand.

Joseph Arpaio, with his hands tied – started raiding these corners. He’d show up in several sheriff’s trucks and pick up 30 or 40 illegals at a time.

From there. He started raiding businesses who he’d come to understood were hiring the illegals.

The whole time, he was receiving harsh criticism from the federal government for not doing anything about the militia problem.

AS he explained it: “The militia are doing nothing but reacting to a threat to this state and this nation. I’ll talk to them. But I consider it the federal government’s responsibility to police the borders.”

This resulted in an increase in Border Patrol.

But the problems persisted:

Until the Border Patrol started using Joseph Arpaio’s tactics for racial and psychological profiling and stopping the influx of illegal activity and immigration problems with Arizona’s borders.

Now I am still not entirely a fan of Mr Arpaio. My own father nearly died after spending a harsh winter in one of his ‘camps’ – after being arrested for a DUI, he was placed in the unshielded tents in the winter cold in Arizona. Winters can be harsh in the desert.

My dad, without protection, caught pneumonia and nearly died.

I am of the opinion the United States – not just Arizona – is treating prisoners – whether they are immigrants or not – with more abusive conditions than any animal would ever be put through.

Can you reform criminal behavior? Can you curtail immigration? Absolutely. But I think the lessons learned from Mr Arpaio are pretty clear:

1) SOME criminal activity has to be permitted in ANY healthy society to remain healthy in my opinion. At first, it was simple demand of criminal illicit illegal activity that caused the rise of immigration in all the border states – but in particular – why Arizona saw a greater influx of illegal activities was because Joseph Arpaio AND the militia, had effectively been doing their job TOO well.

Arpaio actually learned this, and as I learned from a friend who was working for the sheriff’s department, the officers were being trained that the letter of the law was for lawyers to dispute, but as peace officers, the law was a guidebook – but keeping the peace understanding and accepting the imperfect nature of the laws they were reinforcing was their responsibility.

#2) Sometimes you just gotta teach people to laugh at and be themselves. Arpaio taught this lesson in a very weird way: With pink, a color typically associated with passiveness and femininity – he psychologically taught prisoners “You aren’t so bad ass”

With profiling, he taught people how to look in a mirror and understand the very real stereotypes of their own race/species and that THEY were just as responsible for acting like a community from where they came from before they THOUGHT about entering another community and influencing that culture and potentially destroying it.

Mr Arpaio, I have a love/hate relationship with you.

But I do appreciate what you’ve done for this nation and her people.

Going back to the EEO thing.

If you’re not from America, which I suspect few of you are actually from other places, the EEO stands for “Equal Employment Opportunity” – which is more or less the rebranded image of the Federal Department of Labor.

For the most part, the EEO is magnificent and maintains oversight for the laws and rules governing a great deal of the relationships between employers and their employees.

Whether it’s worker’s safety and health, worker’s compensation, employee benefits, unions and their oversight, employee protection, armed force employment, veteran’s preferences, unemployment, construction and transportation – and more – if it has to do with the employer or employee – it will most likely be covered by this organization.

Now unfortunately, there’s a virus within the EEO, and it’s called Affirmative Action, which in my opinion has actually destabilized the entire integrity of this entire organization.

I suspect this was a calculated move, because if you simply follow the logic on this one, it becomes obvious where this leads:

Affirmative Action, in a nutshell, or Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 – prohibits discrimination in hiring, promotion, discharge, pay, fringe benefits, job training, classification, referral, and other aspects of employment, on the basis of race, color, religion, sex or national origin.

This law is enforced by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

Now as I have traveled the world, I have realized that the differences in religion, race, gender, color – and more – all create remarkably different world views and perceptions of the world.

In a global workplace, where the difference between profit and loss is a marginal difference of a few percentage points, this legislation effectively ties the hands of employers.

Now this legislation – arguably – poured the concrete for the United States to become a global economy. Since we could not hire locally – we went globally.

Now I won’;t get into the what I feel are the negative impacts of this legislation.

But let’s just say – if I had the money and was an employer.

Which we all know – no one in their right mind is going to give a lover of technology a couple of billion dollars to create a starship, a holodeck, and support propaganda in film for it…

But let’s just say I WAS an employer.

I’d create a media company where I was the only male and there was nothing but all females on board.

All employees would be required to undergo stringent background checks by the NSA, FBI, and CIA.

And the building would be off limits to all recording equipment other than the studios we created to create the media we developed.

And I’d prehire a team of lawyers. Because I’d have two caveats about taking employment:

#1 No clothes would be allowed by ANYONE on premises. No exception.

#2 All employees would be required to have sex with me as a condition of employment. No exceptions.

Like I said. No sane investor would ever get involved with me given these conditions. And the lawyers, they would have a field day trying to defend me with these crazy requirements, wouldn’t they?

Anyways. That would the ‘movie production’ studio. Specifically tasked with creating a Star Trek/Doctor Who movie.

Of course, yet again, something that would keep the lawyers entertained for years. Defending me for using these franchises without licensing would clearly require more money than God had.

YES, I absolutely do have my reasons that I refuse to get into for these requirements beyond simple self gratification.

Microsoft has gotten by the EEO by hiring consultants and contractors and relocating their company headquarters to Canada..

The auto industry assembles the vast majority of their vehicles overseas before importing them to the United States for final assembly.

The movie industry leverages Eastern Europe for much of it’s special effects.

And China builds the vast majority of out appliances.

America. In my opinion.

My challenge to you is – LET this run it’s course.

And let’s create a country specializing in LEADER DEVELOPMENT – that is – those who challenge the rules, experiment with status quo, and do so with their OWN set of values – and their own ethical and moral compass.

Joseph Arpaio did NOT do things by the book. Sure, sometimes he was indelicate and even a jerk.

But the fact of the matter is: he was effective and made a difference.

Steve Jobs did the same thing in a different way.

The EEO stands to remain being a great organization.

But affirmative action, in my opinion, flips America’s melting pot culture the bird – a culture I might add – which was predicated on the acceptance of differences and diversity.

And doesn’t insist that everyone operate the same way.

My youngest brother, Matthew, has the propensity to be a bit of a prick. Let’s just say we don’t always see eye to eye on things.

Bu one thing he’s made it a special fact of doing is poking fun at my previous obsession on political correctness.

I had bought in to the clever marketing…

And he’d make it a fact to make my skin crawl by throwing out the labels of ‘spic, cracker, jew’ and more on a whim.

Now I am not a fan of the labels to this day. But i absolutely understand the cultural necessity to have them and to differentiate people.

And to me, the lesson the little shit taught me was:

Lighten up.

I have, Matthew.

And what you see now is a man who wants to poke the dying corporate drone world he came from back to life based on the shit you used to give me.

I won’t say you were right.

But I will say I know you meant well.

and so do I, even if it doesn’t appear so at face value

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