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The fun of form

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In the Movie Terminator 2, Arnold Schwarzenegger is a reprogrammed ruthless killing machine known as a Terminator – a robot with synthetic skin to make him appear human – and has been reprogrammed to be the personal savior of humanity in an upcoming robot apocalypse

His objective – to keep a young and rebellious teenager by the name of John Connor – the rebellion’s leader – safe from harm.

Here’s Arnold on the cover photo for that film.


He’s truly bad ass, ain’t he?

Here’s what he looks like without his ‘soft exterior’


Now in this fantastic movie, Arnold – who in the first movie served as the primary antagonist – has changed roles – and he’s now the protagonist – and the antagonist – is a much more sophisticated and lethal killing weapon – a Terminator. model T1000.

A shape-shifting robot which can change it’s shape to pretty much anything imaginable – made of something called a poly mimetic alloy –

In plain English – it is made of liquid metal – a compound which can become as rigid as steel.

So not only can he walk through fire or de-liquefy himself from a melted state back into a solid…


But in mere seconds he can recover from a direct shotgun blast to the head:


Or a BIG gun shot to the head:


All damage he can recover from in mere seconds..

And if that wasn’t enough, no real holding cell can hold him, as he can walk right out of any prison cell…


Hide in plain sight by pretending he’s the ground your walking on…


Don’t have weapons to terminate?

Not a problem.


Assuming a female form and husband got ya down?


Let him know who’s boss!


He won’t be giving her any more lip, will he?

Cold got ya down?


Not to worry, when he warms back up again, he goes right back to how things were before:


He’s clearly an enviable foe for Arnold.

Now after seeing this movie, I imagined – how freaking cool it would be to have the ability to ‘shape shift’ my physical form like that.

In Terminator 3, Which added the final icing to the cake, I began to dream of actually having a shapeshifting terminator girlfriend or life partner! Here’s the magnificent Kristanna Loken walking nude in downtown Los Angeles after traveling back in time from the year 2030 or something like that:


Never would we get hung up on my obsession on having a different looking woman every night – especially when she could be any woman I imagined!!

Now Terminator 2 AND Termninator 3 – featured different polymimetic alloy robots – shapeshifting robots – the latter with an internal endoskeleton to carry concealed firearms like rocket launchers and the sort

But whatever the case – they got me thinking.

HOW cool would it be to be able to shapeshift?

I mean – society would be in absolute chaos if this were possible, as identity theft would become so rampant – that everyone and everything would lose their identity – all order would sink to chaos – and society would literally collapse on itself – so clearly the idea of this is beyond unrealistic – at best – to remotely ever consider this as being possible.

But if it were.

  1. First and foremost.

    To exercise a little personal liberty, I would change into a gorgeous woman’s form and walk naked across the street. Showing up at someone’s door for a date completely nude as a woman would be fun!

    Especially since no woman’s ever done that for me.

  2. I’d find out what a friend’s schedule was, where he or she was going and when, and I would show up minutes before them, make up a story about something  to make the memory of my presence as they looked memorable – doing my BEST not to make a scene  I wouldn’t want this to be destructive or mean – – and then walk out right before he/she arrived.

    Or change forms to an innocent bystander and just watch and listen!

  3. I would pretend to be MUCH older than I was, or younger, or different races and genders – and just hang out and observe what people did – and how they acted differently – if they did – around me
  4. I would show up for costume parties in truly remarkable costumes that looked authentic. Whether it was a Borg. A Terminator. A predator. Waldo. A transformer. An alien named Paul ( I probably wouldnt be smokin pot though). And I would make new characters and character faces of my own and be playing with form in the mirror.
  5. Nudity. It’s my fixation. I might take up a job dancing as a woman at a strip joint. Why not? I’m bored and homeless.
  6. Clothes. Why buy them – ever again when I can see something on TV and wear anything I want to at thought alone?
  7. Now if I was truly poly mimetic alloy shapeshifter. I would offer services for security or even in extreme circumstances – as a body double. Knowing I could ‘take a bullet to the head’ when the person I am protecting may not be able to . But alas, I am not.
  8. I might ‘turn myself’ into different movie posters and advertisements, just to see people’s responses.
  9. I might experiment with trying to appear ‘ghostlike’ or ethereal (see through) and act like a ghost and haunt people.
  10. I might experiment with trying to appear translucent – see through – invisible – and how many women’s locker rooms would I kick back in! Who needs xray vision with that?
  11. And God knows the crazy sex things I would experiment with. Split myself into a male and a female, and have sex with myself…. Or create a vagina and see if I can’t have an orgasm…

I don’t know. the violent stuff just doesn’t have any appeal .

I’m a trickster, and a pervert, and I figure that’s where my fun with shapeshifting would be.

Sure, there’s potential profit to be made by using it to steal.

But I am not Captain Janeway, and refuse to order my crew to steal if I traveled back in time.

And I am no killing machine as depicted in Terminator 2 or 3, ruthlessly killing everything in sight to simply get to communication channels to achieve my objective.

Now if it’s in my nature to lie, cheat and steal, then it’s in everyone’s nature.

But I myself prefer thinking about the fun, the antics, and maybe a little perversion – and maybe – just maybe – the acting potential and character variety I can present while ‘wearing the image of someone I am not’.

But this all is just fantasy, right?

It’s never going to happen. I know. Dream on, right?

I mean. I as a human am simply incapable of something like this.

A mere ape, right?

Here’s an article demonstrating that poly mimetic allows are not a thing of fiction. Robots. Might need help with a training partner.

And help and guidance on humanity and how our..

Differences. Are about to disappear. .

In my humblest of humble opinions.

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