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Sorry – I just flat out don’t believe it!

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The CLAIM is that American Sniper was #1 at the box office.

I call bullshit.

Mental programming propaganda, in action.

“Believe you’re a warlike bunch and violent population, we’re (Hollywood) is going to continue attempting to program you to believe you’re killers and this is in your nature and what you should enjoy, and you should watch things according to our perceptions of your nature.”

The claim: “American Sniper” had the most successful superbowl weekend opening, EVER.

Not the type of movie the American public wants, nor desires, and all it takes is half a brain and a ONE single marketing person to talk to people on the street about what it is they actually want.

Here’s more on the *cough* bullshit *cough* story on money.cnn.com.

With the current and prolonged trend of cops vs robbers or bad guys vs good guys bullshit that Hollywood keeps on producing, it seems like Hollywood’s gone collectively brain dead.

“Fury?” Brad Pitt, just what in THE FUCK are you thinking?

Or are you? Are you THAT desperate for a paycheck or did that last zombie movie you did rob you of your brains and your IQ was lowered to 15 and this movie’s reflective of that choice?

Now don’t get me wrong. Movies like Jupiter Rising look freaking amazing.

But these storylines. It’s not even boy meets girl anymore. It’s boy conquers world and it’s all a wild shoot em up.

What ever happened to storyline? To content? TO taking pride in character development – and PUSHING the American public to think outside their proverbial box?

Hollywood, you let the MPAA rule your life. And with this, it’s now to the point of simple manipulation. You’re acting like an indoctrinated machine, pumping out material to support everything that defies life and living by banishing and demonizing the subject matter that actually supports the healthy development of life – sex, procreation, human relationship building, teamwork, and love – and instead barraging the public with nightmares through war and hellish conditions.

Hollywood, If I didn’t know any better, by your actions, I would accuse you of actually wanting to START a hellish apocalypse!

I know, I know, you’re defense is going to be ‘well we do create love stories, and no one watches them!

Is it any wonder? With absolute puritanical crap like “Jane The Virgin’, it’s almost like your idea of sex and love hasn’t matured in 50 years!

Now don’t get me wrong. I loved movies like “10 things I hate about you” and “Fool’s Gold”. Absolutely loved them. Going back a bit more, I grew up John Hughes gems like “16 Candles”.

And you pleasantly surprised me with the emotionally fun and playful “Glee” and just recently with “Believe”.

So I am CERTAINLY not saying you do not have it within you to still create some magnificent works of art.

But this focus on shoot ’em up or killer zombie warfare based content.

Just has to go.

This isn’t entertainment in my opinion.

It’s manipulation of public psyche.

To what end, I really do not want to be a part of.

Dear Hollywood,

Please inspire me again. I’m trying to ‘write’ and present more playful material for you with a comedic geeky and romantic edge.

It’s my belief that science fiction can be goofy without being insulting. You proved this to me with Galaxy Quest.

With the exception of the AMAZING “The Fountain”, Where are the time travel stories where the romance occurs across space and time?

I have a story I am trying to write about a science fiction romance spanning time itself with a woman from the 24th century. One I am learning has to be seen and documented rather than written about.

The movie “Her” made me believe romances between humans are artificial intelligences are our future.

Where’s the romance with the Doctor in Doctor Who learns the TARDIS is with him because she loves him and simply wants to be acknowledged?

How about a romance of Darth Vader finding a cosmic deity named Q in an alternate reality, and trapping him for his powers, suddenly coming to realize this was a mere lost little boy without a home and this little boy could save him from his own past, so he chooses to raise the little boy as his own child, who in turns helps Darth Vader himself find a face and hope again – and love?

How about a funky offshoot science fiction movie where the Matrix turns sentient,. and realizes it’s trapped Mister Smith, and and it works with everything throughout time and space to free this poor man who hates what he does?

Or what about a movie about the Star Trek Federation develop time travel methods – and begin trying to hunt down the root cause of the Borg to stop them from ever happening – and then THEY come to realize – that the Borg are quite literally only reflections of themselves displaced by space and time, as they come to terms with their own past history they’d hidden from themselves and then work diligently with their prior selves to right their own wrongs?

I could go on. But this pre 1960s mindset with romance is adorable. Sprinkled with copious amounts of violence is downright annoying…

But in my opinion.


You once told me my fear was “Moving Forward”

This was never my fear.

It is yours.

I am not going to disrespect this magnificent order you’ve created by disrupting it in any way other than that which I deem is absolutely necessary to simply live my own life.

If you continue observing me. And I know you are. So what’s the purpose… You’ll find my actions remain entirely consistent with this.

Yes, I know Stephen Spielberg just sauntered onto the lot of Universal Studios and acted like he owned the place and made some magnificent movies as a result.

No. I can’t do that. I don’t like going where I am not invited.

And when Universal, Your director of security came over to me as I sat on the curb one day looking for work – and made it clear I was not wanted there – by telling me about how someone jumped off the tall building right across the street, and then making a special effort to show me his gun.

I get it and your fucked up psychological games. And while I made the conscious choice to walk away from Universal Studios because my ass was tired of sitting on the street in front of the studios and being referred to as “You People” by the security staff there.

I did make the conscious choice taking psychological note of who the first assholes I would fire would be if you allowed me to take over.

I don’t think you have the balls or courage to let a dreamy homeless man run your business, let alone learn how to make movies with you.

Which is why you don’t talk about fantasies anymore.

You quit believing in them yourself. And as a result. You tend to hire according to your own self limiting beliefs.

As a leader working with you, I would promise to make more love stories that would actually appeal to people like me 🙂

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