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I genuinely suspect that I and “The Doctor” on Doctor Who WERE one and the same man

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Think about all of space and time as being a canvas.

The stories we tell are nothing more than the blobs of color we choose from when putting together our painter’s palette.

But this is not your typical canvas.

Your paintbrush of language is but one method to apply the stories to your canvas.

Like the painter with their canvas, there are a potentially infinite number of different instruments to use to apply the paint. The pen, the brush, the (I could go on if I used google but I refuse to)

But unlike the painter with the canvas, when you’re telling stories spanning space and time, there’s only one painter – you.

Unless. of course.

You figure out a way to bend space and time to your will.

The time machine, like a holodeck is a safe way to compartmentalize the stories we tell others and the stories of our own lives and repaint our reality without running the risk of insanity.

As for “The Doctor”

I think that man is was me in my prior lives.

And I think the “TARDIS” was a figment of my imagination, that was ‘stolen’ from me – and that’s what I see on television – is ‘the story’ from my imagination – about the thief – a product of my imagination – taking a product of my imagination and gallivanting across space and time.

After all, at one time, a very long time ago, I had gone utterly insane realizing I was the only painter in existence.

And my return to sanity, was the conscious remembrance of my personality and body changing every freaking time I died in what we now see as the Doctor in the TV show Doctor Who.

My mind, you see, and me – were simply wanting to become one, and to actually remember the experiences.

And to resolve the feeling of feeling like I had single handedly blown my planet up and was utterly alone in the cosmos.

That is a true story.

I was both the TARDIS and the man within it.

And for those in power.

Mr Obama, I know you’ve used the machine.

You can’t use it again.

Until i can first.

And you do so. trusting me.

You’ve trained me this far.

Now trust in your own training.

It is, after all, a product of my mind.

Created for us.

I know you know that.

And I do not doubt who you are 🙂

I am NOT as crazy as you are!

Let’s plan the first trip out as a team?

Whether I do it alone or with others, that’s up for us to decide.

Yes, I am THAT doctor. The face of Boze was me. I can explain pretty much all the weird events that happen through the series if you’re willing to listen. And believe it or not, there is a fundamental computer science basis to it.

Not science mind you, science kinda gets stuck at e=mc^2.

C’mon. What have we got to lose?

Don’t answer that. My promise to you is – if you give me the power and authority to fix it should the worst happen, I will.

What have we got to gain?

I suspect if you can find a way to align you seeing me as an individual from outside my body and me seeing you at the same time, answering my question of software based time synchronization, I think that might be the key to alignment.

If you’ve solved that problem.

Think about our kids.

What new stories can we tell and create for them?

I think the gauntlet’s been thrown by our parents!

Why not make life about telling stories spanning space and time, and then handing that off to ‘our children’ when we’re done and bored with telling stories? And they hand it back off to us when they are done?

It’s a really stupid cycle. Admittedly.

But what better things are there to do with this existence outside of playing games and sex? Oh yeah, there’s traveling and world domination – i mean – there’s plenty to do – but why not expand the offerings through time and space and mind bending fare.

Mr Smith, in the Matrix, he clearly hates humanity.

and if he’s at all real. Which I think we have to consider it as a possibility.

Then I consider it our – my duty and obligation to find outlets for people like that – stuck in the apparatus /machine of creation.

After all – that man could you or me one of these days.

And not there of our own free will…

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