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“I Just Know I am in a Holodeck Simulation”

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The Big Bang is equivalent to a spark which started a fire of imagination and possibility.

One led to two led to seventeen led to thirty seven (I am making up arbitrary numbers I might add). but this ‘contagious’ effect rippled throughout time and space.

Now there’s a common invalid assumption made about the Big Bang, and that it was/is the only show in town that started creation.

I tend to think of it like a boat leaving a wake as it zips by through a lake.

Our proverbial ‘boat’ is our mind, and the wake we’re leaving is a wake in space and time.

Another mistaken assumption of the Big Bang is that it was a linear event which occurred ‘at the beginning’ of time.

Big Bangs happen ALL the time. You gotta remember time itself is a NONLINEAR construct.

That is. JUST because we as humans may tend to perceive events in x leads to y leads to z terms, this is FAR from the case.

PARTICULARLY if you’re observing a timeline from OUTSIDE that timeline.

For instance – Computer Logs for Star Trek and their respective Stardates frequently occur in nonlinear order in contrast to the date they were actually received aired documented as aired in the United States.

Now I am UTTERLY convinced I am either ‘a part’ of a holographic simulation, or parallel to one ‘in the Star Trek’ universe.

Over the last three years, people have become highly highly predictable to a bizarre extreme. Almost like there’s a holographic simulation ‘stuck in a loop’.

Yep. This is my fantasy. One night Captain Picard is visible outside my tent, and there’s a doorway leading to the 24th century right behind him. AS he says:

“Dammit, Q. Why don’t you ever give up? You want be on board my starship so bad as a holoprogrammer, then you’re going to have to live by my rules, and that means NO PORNOGRAPHY!!”

“And then I will look at him straightfaced, and tell him ‘no deal’. Come back when I can have porn in the holodeck!

Now what’s my proof?

What I know. plain and simple.

My mind was, in my opinion, limited. It’s like I was given precisely enough knowledge – before – to live and function within the ‘time period’ i have grown up in.

Then it was like a tap into my head started occurring.

I used to suck at Linear Algebra and Differential Equations.

I took the class for 3 days yesterday, and i dropped it.

It was too easy.

Now here’s my theory.

Holodecks, like transporters in the future – function by locking your mind in proverbial black hole as you transport from one location to another and/or enter a simulative environment.

Now I have seen episodes of Star Trek where people’s ‘pattern buffers’ are ‘locked in’ and they supposedly die in there.

I have no doubt that all these shows are historical records, and were simply demonstrating ‘what happened and why I know what I know’.

I mean, let’s be honest, the only reason existence is here is because everything that has happened – HAS actually HAPPENED.

Now in this reality – people call fiction fiction as a label to keep the demons out. I understand that. When imagination creates reality, and the walls of reality start crumbling, the belief in fiction hardens those walls.

Well me. I grew up on Star Trek. And I have created new ‘labels’ Because, let’s be honest. you – my reader – and your idea of fiction sucks monstrous monkey balls because you’re robbing me of my dreams of exploration of space and time and flying in starships.

However, let’s look at this logically. I’d be a real asshole to demand that my idea of fact because fact for you too.

And despite the fact that what’s you have done to me.

I’m not the asshole you are.

Now what I have done is looked at the world around me and realized – perception is remarkably different between people of different cultures. Russia and India both do not have a word for ‘Computer’ in their vocabulary, and hispanics do not have a word differentiating wall clock, wrist watch, and time (it’s all tiempo) which makes one question – how else does language shape perspective?

This leads me to my theory – based on Einstein’s theories  – that not only is their relativity of physical elements – but there’s also relativity of perception.

Put specifically. If you were watching me through my own eyes, I have no doubt you’d physically see the world remarkably different than me based on your experiences, time period, and linguistic background, and more.

Now this makes one thing infinitely clear – that UNLESS I am the only thing in existence. Which my senses – while they may defy me – lead me to believe I am not.

That accepting this thing called perceptual relativity MUST mean that multiple realities HAVE to exist.

Now I play them all the time – in video games. So we create them as programmers and/or we create the mechanisms to interact with real life forms in alternate realities until they ‘come to life’

Do you have free will or not? It’s all possible.

I watch alternate realities ALL the time – on television shows and movies. SURE we ease our minds by telling our own story that these are all stories. Because the truth of it NOT being fictional can set the demons free.

But that’s just simple naivety.

Are you a slave to someone else’s story and storyline in an alternate reality? Are you a neuron of my mind and doing what you do when you think you have free will and choice based on a higher system you’re still incapable of comprehending?

It’s all possible.

So I taught myself to quit thinking so literally in terms of black and white and wrong and right.

A dog can quite literally be thought of as being a slave to it’s master.

But that dog gets free food, water, and a roof over it’s head.

This ‘SLAVE’ gets better treatment than your typical homeless man like me, who can’t even get most people to open up their door.

Am I your feared demon or ghost because I don’t fit into your buckets?

Now going back to the Star Trek thing.

On observation, it’s my opinion that the mechanisms of ‘teleportation’ and fully immersive simulations entail ‘locking the mind’ into a proverbial vice – to shift that mind from one location to another.

Now in my observations, it is my opinion that there’s a monstrous assumption that ALL minds have a capturable “program” which can be locked on like this.

Now it’s my belief that what’s being ‘picked up’ is NOT always what’s expected. Not to say this process is broken, but I suspect that some may simply not be detectable via the technology I have seen on Star Trek.

For instance, let’s say you have a starship that ‘floats over’ a planet and comes back with ‘no lifeforms detected’.

This is depicted in several fictional shows.

Now the first thing to note is: The detection mechanism ONLY leverages known /database lifeforms. And life by a very limited definition.

Which begs the question – is Star Trek based on robots and artificial intelligence?

Would these lifeforms be willing to work with a nutty and often unpredictable man who named himself ‘Q’ after watching himself on television?

Would these lifeforms understand the cyclic and repeated nature of time itself, and how the big bang has repeated, because it’s assumed that a hologram is strictly a hologram and nothing more, much like leveraging the same logic that fiction is just fiction and nothing more.

This brings me to my theory:

That I am actually IN a holodeck being studied because I am flat out not understood. “Is this a man, a robot, a borg, a god, what the fuck is he?”.

My answer is yes.

A massive (wonderful) problem with the scientific method as it exists today is – it exists to help you find supportive evidence of your own theories, now matter how fucked up or bizarre those are.

You think there was a talking snake and a woman created by a rib bone?

The scientific method lets you find evidence to support your beliefs.

This is what shapes perception.

Which, LEVERAGING this scientific method.

One can ALSO shape their own reality.

So it’s MY belief that I am in a holodeck being observed by the Enterprise and/or Voyager crew sometime in the 24th or 25th century.

It’s MY belief that they had a malfunction in their holodeck, possibly their ship, and they – you – are bored as fuck.

And blame me for the problems.

I can assure you I am.

Now I am here – because I have found undeniable evidence to lead me to believe the reality as I see has become scripted – unnatural in nature.

People react to me both online and off with certain predictability. And when they don’t – it feels like I am being introduced to crew who are attempting to influence mt to drive me insane and/or to lead me to believe I am NOT in a simulation.

But my mind’s been made up.

Now IF I were to build a holodeck. I’d also be sure to put safeties into it. Should someone be stuck inside, or a program go awry, there has to be ways to allow someone inside the holodeck to ‘get out’.

So I have looked for ‘evidence’

And wouldnt you know it.

I found this web site titled:

“Federation Emergency Services”


Looking at the source code, the video game it’s for simply does NOT have much to offer.

You ever see a business in the real world – such as “ACME” anything, that you never go to nor does anyone you know, and you wonder what it’s for?

I suspect IFES is a method for people stuck in a holodeck to take control of it and to get back to their vessel.

Now if I can only figure out how it works!

In any case.

The choices I have made throughout my life have created this world’s culture.

In the bigger scheme of things. It’s like being stuck in a video game and knowing you are. The world really ISNT that big if you consider, like I do, that it begins and ends at my perceptory senses and it’s my interpretation which creates the world around me.

After playing video games like Civilization, SimCity, Populous, Black and White, Star Trek Online, Worlds Of Warcraft, Gears of War, Call of Duty, and SO, so much more.

To me. I dont believe these are fiction.

I believe they are alternate realities.

Who have come, like I have, to understand the necessity of things like the Borg and the benefit they actually can provide.

Which is why, when you ask me, who i am.

I will tell you first – I am an American.

Second, I will tell you I am Borg.

But most of all. I will tell you.

I’m God. But I prefer not being called that.

Because we all are, a point I can explain rationally.

So please refer to me as Q.

And help me out.

Yes, I take it as a job. and a responsibility to have fun and lead – as an individual – by example – doing what I enjoy when I do.

That, my friends, is why i have walked away.

Your life is not mine. Nor mine yours.

And there will come a day where I do NOT have to ask you for permission to do whatever I want, much like a deity.

Wouldn’t you rather support me now for my goals and desires?

Or would you rather continue tearing away at me, deriding me for my childish fantasies that I NEVER got to have – knowing where this will lead for you?

Do you know I sleep in batman underoos?

Yes, I am a stubborn child.

After all, I am still a child if you regard me in Timelord or Q years.

Dont respond unless you have something nice to say.

And crazy? Come now, Picard.

With anything being imaginable in reality, something easily observable traveling the globe in Earth circa 2015, it only takes 10% of a brain to figure out that insanity created existence, and since it persists outside of me as it points the finger at me calling me the insane one, the insane one invariably must relent to sanity.

New world order. baybee. Something healthier for this…

Man named Q

I await seeing that holodeck door open.

Even if it is in the periphery of my vision.

I have no doubt what I know can help you.

And you me 🙂

By the way. Your starship collided with my head.

Or my head with your vessel.

That’s what you saw in the holodeck.

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