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One day, not long ago, you woke up.

You’re going to life yourself on your hind legs.

Because you’ll have seen others around you doing it.

You’re going to see mouths move.

And recognize this as a form of communication.

Your mind is going to create an interpretation for it.

You’ll come to recognize that way these voices speak to you…

Seem to coincide with pleasure.

Or pain.

One day. You’ll ask a question.

What was the event which started you?

And you’re going to laugh.

Finding everyone refers to that moment in time as the Big Bang.

You’re going to see scientists talk about a cosmological event.

And you’ll laugh inside.

Knowing full well they are chasing their tails as they discuss the very event which created you.

But something is not going to make sense.

As you get older, they will refer to this event having happened over 17.5 billion years ago.

You’ll come to question.

Is the event they refer to one and the same as your own?

Of course it is.

These scientists are not that much different than programs reading from a script, not understanding they are teaching you about what happened to constitute your life.

They are, after all, you. Living all your previous lives.

It may not make sense at first.

How can they observe an event that took 17.5 billion years.

When it’s only been 42 years for me?

The answer’s surprisingly simple:

Perceptual relativity.

As you grow older.

And mature.

You’ll come to understand that the way you look at life.

The way you hear life.

What you see.

What you feel.

What you taste.

And senses I am may not be able to comprehend.

All were formed as a result of the unique choices you made in your formative years.

You see, you were mind before you were body.

And mind, being infinite and timeless in nature.

Doesn’t just create your magnificent existence.

It shapes all of existence itself.

The multiverse is your playground.

Time moves faster or slower for some because they perceive the world differently.

Some may perceive more than one world at a time.

Some may perceive across dimensions.

Or, like me, across time and space and infinity itself.

You’ll come to understand that your senses are so incredibly unique.

But they may bring you to a place where they are not.

This all is by your choice and by your own design.

Can others have the same design?


Can others be like you?

It’s possible.

History. Time. Space. Your understanding of relationships, how you communicate, physics, biology, dimensions, the inventions of your reality, and more.

Are your own, and to some extent, we all share our knowledge.

Knowing full well the exceeding rarity of two of us, as individuals, ever really developing the same perceptions of reality.

This, my son and daughters. Mothers and Fathers. Brothers and Sisters. friends and lovers. Gods and goddeseses. Borg and terminators. Amazons, Storm systems, corporations.

Is what brought each and every one of you into existence.

My mistakes. My desires. My ambitions.

My choices. For better or for worse.

My love. My anger.

My passions. My lust. My emotions.

My fears.

My rules. My breaking my own rules.

My successes. My failures.

My perversions.

My tastes. My judgments and opinions.

I chose and will always choose a – as Einstein put it – the persistently stubborn illusion – and consistent name and existence by the name of Q, the First Timelord.

There’s a part of me that wants to see how far I can take this timeline and linear existence.

With you.

I am a product of your imagination.

And that man in the television show?

That IS me

that’s why I went insane.

I had witnessed myself time traveling

… before I even knew it was possible

And came to realize

every single life was my own.

at one time.

Not any longer

I’m here to work with you to tell new stories

And you.

You are known and feared throughout the Universe

as “The Borg”.

Feared for your tenacious consumption

and for your obsession with biology and technology.

A reflection of who I was.

Would you like to maintain this image?

it’s up to you.

I am NOT the mortal man I was 2015 years ago

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